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    Martin IZ tenor ukulele

    I am a having a hard time finding a decent review of, sound samples, or personal opinions of, the Martin IZ tenor. Is there some problem that I am missing? I tried a search, without any success , here, but I apparently am not good at searches, or else there isn't anything here. This I find hard...
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    Hokukano thinline

    Rather than steal an existing thread (pet peave) I decided to ask here. Does anyone have a thinline tenor by Tom Parse of Hokukano Ranch? Does anyone have any information or videos. There is not a lot out there, other than a couple videos and I am really interested. I first got interested in...
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    Guitar for sale section?

    I'm new, on the ukulele section of the forum, and wondered if the guitar side had a for sale section, or used the ukulele for sale section? Have Taylor GS Mini to sell.
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    Better late than never

    Hello to all. I am new to ukulele, but like many here, I have some background in guitar. In April, I purchased an Ohana CK-50wg, which was the best available in the area. I felt very cramped on the fingerboard, but I absolutely loved playing it. I ordered a KALA KA-SMHT about a month ago from...
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    Kamaka advice

    At some point, I plan to buy a Kamaka tenor. I will try to do it next year on their 100th anniversary. There is no where around here to actually try one first. I would love to hear from anyone who has the pleasure of owning one. Based solely on recordings I have heard, their sound is exactly...
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    Kala KA-SMHT

    My new Kala arrived Friday from HMS. Since this was my first purchase from HMS, I had watched all of their videos. When I saw the tape on the package, I got tickled, because it was identical to the video. I soon learned that ALL the videos from HMS are accurate. They really care about giving you...