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  • Sorry to hear about your injury, bro. Seriously - let me know if there's anything I can do.
    mainlands are sweet. I like them. I haven't gotten one yet but I will. I want to get a mainland mahaghany and a mele and do a comparison. meles are handmade that gives them the edge to me.
    that is true. I'm not a big pineapple guy either. I still want it. If you contact Mele and tell them i sent you they will take care of you. Mele is the best stepping stone i think from the chinese imports to the K brands. They are a little more but they are quality.
    I try to offer biased opinions. I noticed you were looking at the Mele and Tangi. That braddah is a pretty sweet uke. I really like the Mele mahaghany line more than their koa line. I think the price is a little high on the Mele considering they stopped making braddah ukes back in 05 I think. If I hadn't of just bought a new bike I'd get one of those. I think you'd be happy with eithetr one. Not as good as a Koaloha but heck you could get two ukes for the cost of one.
    Steve, Not going to lie to you. I have never played a Tangi. apparently they are madee in hawaii but i wonder if they are partially made in Hawaii. I have heard nothing but good about them here on UU but elsewhere I read some bad reviews. I have also read bad reviews on Meles ande i love mele. back before i bought my 2nd Mele I was looking into getting a Tangi but my emails were never returned and then 6 months latter his company folded but i think it is back and running again. I guess a Tangi would be more like a Pono or a Mele. Not even in the same ballpark as the "K" brands. Just my two cents but once you get a KoAloha it makes it harder to get anything else.
    Hi Steve,

    My name is Angela Hoxsie and my husband and I were thinking about purchasing http://www.thedropshipwholesaler.com. But now that I have seen your post we have some major concearns. Can you give me the email of Joshua Schimek so that we may contact him. I have been told that he used to be a business partner and own part of that business. We are just trying to figure out what really went on before we consider the purchase. Thank you.
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