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    String question

    I just switched the stock strings on a kala ka-b baritone to a living waters low g baritone set. Tone and intonation are great but there is a noticible lack of volume on the A string. Any ideas about this?
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    Neck problems

    My Outdoor Carbon Tenor has developed too much relief in the neck thus raising the action. I have tuned down a step to relieve tension. Is there any way to flatten the neck on these such as heat and weight or any other method?
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    GT microbass

    Just replaced thunderguts with silverbacks on my GT microbass. Not realizing the saddle was loose, two plastic shims fell out. I am assuming these are there to adjust saddle height so I placed both flat under the saddle. Does anyone know if this is correct?
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    Mainland baritone with liliu

    Just bought a Mainland mango baritone. Anyone who has played a Mainland or has dealt with the owners know it is a.quality experience all the way. This review is about the set up with south coast c tuning Lili u strings. The strings required a different nut which Tookta graciously made for me...
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    Has anyone tried south coast Lili u tuning on a baritone? What are your impressions and is the tension much different from say worth brown linear g tuning?
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    The room I keep my ukes in stays at about 60% humidity. The ukes are always kept in cases and I'm wondering if room humidity translates to case humidity. Do I need to put humidifiers in the cases? The room temperature stays at about 68 degrees. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    If Mainland ukes were to do a limited edition, what would you want to see as far as type of headstock, tuners, tonewoods, etc.?
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    ukes for sale

    I have a mainland mango tenor in faux alligator case and a mainland mahogany concert in a tweed hardshell case. I will sell one of them ( your choice ) for $200. Both were purchased and set up at mainland from Mike and Tookta. I also have a gretsch guilele in deluxe gig bag purchased from and...
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    banjo uke decision

    Hey gang, I'm going to purchase a banjo uke soon. I am considering a Waverly Street concert or a Midnight Special tenor. I,m comfortable playing either size and was wondering if there were any drawbacks to either size as far as sound. Also in the mix might be a Firefly concert.
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    long and short of it

    Hey guys. Just wanted to know if a long neck concert has any advantage over a tenor.
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    which one ?

    Hi everyone. Starting the search for the next uke. Playing Mainland exclusively at the moment and thought it might be nice to diversify a bit. I'm considering either one of the higher end O'hana's or entry level or slightly better Pono in tenor size. Volume and tone are priorities. Your thoughts...
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    not all that new, just slow to post

    Hello fellow ukers, been playing since late January and loving every minute of it. Playing guitar for the last 25 years became more of a chore with the pressure to perform. Thanks to a wonderful uke club in Bloomington Indiana and a great mango tenor from Mainland, music is fun once again. Seems...
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    set up

    does anyone know if mike at mainland does setups on ukes he does not sell? got a solid koa eddy finn tenor on a trade and discovered i love playing ukelele. i want to get over to mainland and pick up a second uke very soon.