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  • When and where is UWC scheduled. Who is the contact person. Bill Bailey done come home. Thanks.
    Mike, Thanks for your prompt response. I know this will all turn out OK. My only other observation is I wanted a Mainland. It appears that I got a Fluke instead!;)
    thanks, man - we're planning on it..... we hope to be there Thursday, staying till Monday, already lined up the time off.....
    Have you had snow yet? Has Tookta's son actually gotten to see it in person yet? This will be a fun Christmas...
    Do they come with a free ukulele?


    You serious? I might... I will be unloading E when I get there... so they can sit in the passenger seat!!!

    HOORAY FOR UWC! I am camping this year. Derick is about my husbands size... I wonder if I should pack a pair of swim trunks for him since he doesnt own any... Bwah ha ha ha!
    Right back at ya- I think about UWC everyday. My sis and wife are excited for the trip up, too. I'm hoping to FINALLY have a little money saved up for my first Mainland.
    Thanks for coming to the big Flea Bitten Dawgs show in Noblesville on Friday! It was great to see you!
    Haha.... Some folks get really personally insulted when anyone dislikes something they like. I admit it - It's entertaining to stir the pot a bit. Folks show their true colors pretty quickly.
    heyyyyyy man how are you today? hope you are well.... just A question for ya... do you make super sopranos or super concerts at all? i am in the market for one of the two or even a concert. hope your having a nice 4th of july weekend.
    Me too! All of those things....even the ones I have never heard of. I am so coming to UWC next year!
    Hey! My sister called you the other day about a uke. .... Slotted head stock concert. Did i play a matte finish prototype in mainland ukes store?
    I told my sister to just wait and get the Mainland, They have the Tookta factor. "what is that?" ... "It makes it awesome."
    Thanks so much!! The event went way beyond my expectations. I'm still on a high from it. Any chance that there are any t-shirts left? That was one thing I forgot to get, in the middle of all the excitement.
    I also want to thank you for one hell of a great time! I will be returning next year for sure and bring a few folks with me.
    Dude. So much fun. So fast. I had to roll out early to pick my up my son on Sunday, or I'd have stuck around as long as Bhatman. I can't wait for next year. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for everything!
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