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  • Hey there!! FInally made it to San Diego, do you ever go to the Ukulele jam meetups over in PB? They are every Tuesday night.
    Hey Guy,

    Happy Birthday!

    Am I a day early or late? Somehow I have a note to myself that today is your Birthday.

    Will you be able to get to Honolulu soon? Don't you or Krispin have some kind of convention coming up?

    During my last few weeks in Honolulu this summer (July 4 thru Aug 15) I saw a lot of pets, mostly dogs, mostly smaller dogs. Looks like quite a clientele for you to tap with your services and expertise. Perhaps you could be a "Hotel Vet" traveling among several Hotels providing convenient services to the guests and their pets. You could also use your influence to introduce them to the uke!

    Anyway, I know one day will be your Birthday, so Happy, Happy!

    Keep uke'in',
    Hey, Happy Birthday, man.

    Hauoli lahanau!

    I actually will NOT be in Hawaii anytime soon. My sister will work something out with my daughter and the Nursing Home if she wants to visit her daughters.

    Take care! Malama Pono,

    Uncle Rod
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