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  • Sigh, Comcast connection has been crappy for the past month. So sorry I don't get to participate here as much as I would like. My connection has been cutting off in between posts.
    Did you ever dig for clams back in the 60s when had clam season? I always looked forward to it, I think it was just 2 weeks ends a years it was open. Then they all died off from the run-offs from rain combined with construction along the south shore of the bay, sad. Also used to spear Manini, and Kole out at Kekepa (Turtle Back) island, nice dive spot. Trolled for Papio in the main channels using feather jigs trolled deep with plenty lead to get lure near bottom. Dad and me we even collected tropical fish and sold to pet shop in Kaneohe. Speaking of Samoan crabs here 4 i caught in my traps in backyard Kaelepulu stream. Talking too much, better kulikuli my waha. A hui hou.
    Nah, I'm an old fut turned 50 in January so started fish fishing Kaneohe Bay in the mid 1960s. Dad and I used to pick limu at Kualoa before it was a State Park so had plenty back then with no public access from Kam Hwy. we came by boat from He'eia Kea. WE used to lay net and camp overnight too in the Bay. Good memories from hanabata days. Out of 6 siblings I'm the only one left in Hawai'i.
    Your husband a local boy? Must not be easy dealing with this illness in both son and husband, and you have my prayers and best wishes. I just attended the 'Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i exhibition at the NBC, makes me want to start making 'ukulele. Take care.
    Aloha Hualani, Mahalo for your touching story. Small kid daze my Dad (rest in peace) used to keep his little boat at He'eia Kea and we would motor over off Waiahole in Kane'ohe Bay to pick limu for my mom. We used to also catch 'opae and 'o'opu in Waiahole stream, and later on in my teenage years used to hunt for wild boar in the back of Waiahole Valley, it's a very special place. Used to have the old poi factory on the corner of Waiahole Valley Road, and Kamehameha Hwy for buy the freshest made poi made from kalo grown in the valley. Too bad closed now. Your son would LOVE hiking in the valley and swimming in the stream, hope he gets to see it soon.
    What has you living so far away in Tennessee now if you don't mind me asking?
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