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  • player, have a Vintage Gibson with a Favilla on it's way. What do you think about the Maxewll. one just went for $66 on ebay. How about Harmony, have my eye on one, also the Silvertone. If any are like my Gibson, which I hope the Favilla will be, I'd be a happy camper.
    Dear Jeff! Sorry, I haven't been on UU for a while. Happy New Year!!
    I start working at a new job today, btw. It's good, but I will have less time for music for a while, I guess. I hope you're fine!
    Here is the picture of SweetWaterBlue (me) with my Bobby Henshaw baritone. I will also post it at HumbleBaritonics

    Sure. I will take one tomorrow and email it to you. Sorry about the YT email. I will have to see if it got caught in my spam filter. The only other owner of a Henshaw Baritone I have had any contact with is Franulele.
    thanks for featuring us on your blog Jeff! maybe i'll see you at DaSilva's this friday for Aldrine's show.

    Hi Jeff,
    No, I was not doing any teaching at WCUF this year. After only having 5 attendees due to the "compteing" workshops I didn't want to subject myself to a repeat performance.

    We ended up leaving early on Sunday and went to Judd's Hill for the Wine Pickup party where I played a few tunes.
    Hey HU!

    Thought I would pop in and address all comments at the same time.

    We play a lot of covers, husband's band plays 90% originals. Mostly it's just lucky or we figure it out on our own, no sites really to help much with that that we use.

    I am well familiar with Shelley Rickie's art... she's my twitter buddy... very nice gal. Wish she was in the states.

    Hope you have a swell weekend!
    Sorry I haven't read your messages until now. I see that you've already figured it out by yourself. :) I'm looking forward to your first song!
    yeah, we weren't at the festival for long but got a quick taste. it was a really pleasant day, although a little too warm for my taste. perhaps i'll see you at Aldrine's show at DaSilva's on Sept 24th?

    as for local UU gatherings, check the Regional Get Togethers area of these forums. there haven't been many local meetups at all lately. somebody needs to organize something! happy friday :)
    Ha, I have been called an "MF" many, many times....but let's not talk about my mother in law.

    You need a HumbleUker picture!
    hey Jeff, thanks for the friend invite. were you at the napa festival? we were only there for a second on saturday and must have missed you.
    Hey Jeff, just happened across you here! How you are well.....
    Let's jam soon!
    UU Seems to have a log on bug. If I go to the standard and try to log on there is doesn't remember me or my e-mail address. Very frustrating but if I go to the forums I can log on. Is the forum separate? What is the secret? Jeff
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