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  • hey there,

    I know this is quite random but i was searching for cecilia's music tel and this forum about ukeleles was about the only thing that came up. I saw your comment and I'm interested to know if you have any information you could provide about them. The site has shutdown and I never received the ukulele i ordered from them earlier this year. i wrote to them about three times and have yet to hear anything. Now the site has shut down and I lost 300$. This is fraud. Do you of anything I can do? You seem familiar with them.

    Your help would mean the world to me.

    Nicole A.
    I got to go to Mongstadt Norway to visit our carbon capture plant which is on the refinery there. Went sort of during the winter. Didn't get to see much of Norway though. Stayed in Bergen for one night. That place is real expensive. Yeah you could do performances with ukulele in places. I guess they are not that common but maybe thats better as its more unique.
    thanks for the nice, i'm not from mississippi....been to new orleans occasionally though.
    i live in norway...way up in the semi-arctic....i play the ukulele as a 'hobby'...i'm a jazz pianist professionally. maybe i'll just switch now.
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