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  • Hi,
    thanks for the message.
    Senegal does have some great musicians, my personal favourite is Baaba Maal the greatest senegalese vocalist IMO. Check his acoustic album "Baayo" a masterpiece! (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=BAABA+MAAL+BAAYO&aq=f)
    Also listen to any album by Toumani Diabate incredible Kora player from Mali.
    Here is a small list of other musicians I love:
    Habib Koite & Bamada
    Bassekou Kouyate
    Ali Farka Toure
    Bako Dagnon
    Mamar Kassey
    Hope you find something you like...
    regards Olivah
    hi - sorry - missed this earlier - hope you are well. 'was actually starting to think about this recently for not quite knowing when I should change them - on the Kala the low G is starting to get a bit coppery coloured on second fret.
    I was considering keeping the low G on my concert roundback and returning to a high G on the Kala... or the other way around... just for sheer difference.
    Did you change to the D'add. out of improved feel over the Aquila, or are they the same but more economic?
    Hmm. I'd never thought of flamenco strings. I have high tension classicals, and the 3rd string still feels a little loose. Perhaps I will go string shopping.
    Hi Ukulita, getting on fine with the Kala, it's really great. Hope your gig went well, I think Kalas are the best value for money at the moment, I bought a concert solid mahogany electro/acoustic and thats great as well.
    Cheers dobro1937 (Terry).
    No, I bought mine in a shop down the road from here. They are great, aren't they?
    Hi Ukulista, I decided to give the Kala slimline a go and it arrived today, really pleased with it, can't believe how loud it is for its size. How do I join the club. Cheers Terry.
    Hi Ukulista, thanks for the message, but as you say there's one out there waiting for me. I have heard that the narrow bodied ones are better,have you any info on that. I think I'll stick with Bruko, I bought a Leader solid Koa but after a couple of weeks it split in 4 places. Eagle music were ok about it and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again, but it's put me off buying from China. The Pono's are made in Java and mine has been superb. The Pete Howllet is great and will get better with age, I'm glad I bought it. All the best.
    I'm sorry but I'll have to sell the Pono first, so if you get a buyer then it's only right that you sell it. Sorry for the missunderstanding, but I'll keep in touch anyway. dobro1937.
    Hi, I Ukulista, the problem i've got is that I have just bought a Pete Howllet tenor uke, and I will have to sell my Pono tenor first, or perhaps we could do a swap with cash differance. I'm from Wigan, so not too far away. Let me know what you think. I would be willing to give you your asking price. Cheers dobro1937.
    hi there! no sorry, i have been really busy and I am no longer in Galicia - I am currently in Bali, teaching english!!! I will probably go back over the summer - I'll keep you posted if i do find anything out!!
    'ello! Thanks for the message and yes, so far as I have seen, the people of the Ukulele Underground forums have been nothing but helpful!
    Hi and thanks for the message.
    Blues I am in favour of... ! But the main thing is just that I have 2 sopranos, so I figured why not have one set up low G - just for more fun and experimentation. I'm looking forward to the strings arrival.
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