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    I recently got hold of a Balalaika made in Leningrad 1970ish. Balalaika are tuned EEA. It took me 20 minutes to put an extra friction peg in the head. take a wire string to that peg and string the the original tuners with tenor Worth strings. I obviously had to cut two extra notces in the nut...
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    Ukulele group in North Wales UK.

    Wish us luck. We have evolved from a Ukulele Workshop at Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK. We practice every Saturday morning. Like us at Facebook Ukulele Colwyn Bay. Cheers guys.:cool:
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    Ohana SK21 Sopranino

    Nice second hand sopranino. Well used and strung with Worth strings (Low G but extra string included). This one plays really mellow with present strings. For a brighter sound fit Aquila strings. I've part polished this one so don't expect the original matt finish. This one has had geared tuners...
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    moridaira ukulele

    Is there anyone out there with a Moridaira ukulele? I know Toshio Moridaira produced really good quality guitars and marketed then as Morris guitars in the US. I have got hold of a Moridaira ukulele and I'm reasearching.
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    I have a really lovely little Ohana Sopranino for sale in the UK £80 includes P&P It's set up with Worth stings and will be supplied tuned to D. T he original set of Aquila strings will be you can have the choice of strings. I'm in North Wales so if you want to collect from me the...
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    Oye como va Tito Puente

    D7 Am7/C6 D Am.....Any other ideas are welcome....
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    Desert island discs

    After the British Radio programme. Castaway has to choose 3 songs one book and one ukulele to be left on a desert island with.
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    Christmas Greetings round the World

    Nadolig Llawen o Gymru........Happy Christmas from Wales..... As many languages as possible in the next 24 hours.
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    Original Weltton Germany

    Hi, One of my ukulele group Jean has just turned up with a beautiful Banjo ukulele marked 'Original Weltton Germany'. It has a great sound, intonation and good looks too. Can any one give information about the manufacturer Weltton. Thanks on behalf of Jean (just turned 80 shhhhhh) I ukulista
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    Antonio Pinto Carvalho Ukulele Soprano

    I have two brand new Carvalho instruments for sale (United Kingdom only). They are the basic Carvalho soprano. Aquilla strings, geared tuners. £92 including P&P I am in North Wales so you might wish to collect for £4 less. Contact me through this site for details.
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    New year message

    Happy new year...Blwyddyn newydd dda from Cambria to the whole of the Ukulele playing free world. Viva la ukulistas...
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    Bruko model 6 soprano

    I have one brand new Bruko model 6 for sale in the U.K. only It will cost you £82 plus £5 postage it can be supplied in a good second hand hard case for an extra £12.50. This is the very last one I have managed to get at this price. I believe that you can not get one cheaper in the U.K.
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    Spanish Harlem

    Has any one done tabs for Spanish Harlem? Al Martino died this week.
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    Kala slim line travel ukulele social group.

    There is now Kala travel ukulele group. It would be nice if pictures of Kala ukuleles traveling with their owners got posted. Although any ukulele on holiday will be welcomed as long as it says where, when and who with.
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    Bruko model 6

    Bruko model 6 soprano. Brand new for sale in the U.K. £80 this includes postage. YOU CAN NOT GET A NEW BRUKO CHEAPER THAN THIS.