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  • I have something epic in mind, but it's already Saturday night, and I've barely begun working on it ... so we'll see!
    Second message as it was too long in one message

    I don't know about links for doing titles for your videos. I use an image processing application called The Gimp to actually create the images. It's open source and free and available for Windows and Mac. My PC runs Linux so beyond that what I do is specific to my video editing software but in general terms:

    For the background, I took a picture of the Pteranodon (which my wife bought for me when we visited the USA some years ago). I took a photo of it and used a select tool that follows the contour of the image to cut it from the picture then pasted it on to a plain background. The text is done in the image software and saved as a png graphic with a transparent background. The rest is a matter of laying the text over the background in the video editor and animating it so it scrolls up the screen. Exactly how you do that will depend on your video editor.
    Sorry for the delay responding to your messages.

    I go to local folk clubs regularly. That's where I play my ukulele mostly. I am fairly well known on the local folk music circuit. I've not been to the Allendale Tar Barrel festival, it's a little bit far and well up the Dale and the weather can be pretty dodgy this time of year. More locally, a local Longsword side do a mummers play and dance out on Boxing Day and I go to that most years. I didn't this year as my daughter and family were visiting over Christmas.

    CJ lives at Hexham, I think. Again a little distance away. I don't know if he goes to folk clubs. I suspect not, his musical interests are somewhat different.
    This week is everything I'd hoped it would be. AND it's turning into a full-time job! I am loving this, especially now that so many new Seasonistas are joining! At the same time, I'm experiencing the challenging side of the growth of the Seasons ... and I fear I have just added to it big-time! But, ah well - too much of a good thing is ... wonderful. All good. Thanks for being such an excellent cheerleader-evangelist, Tommy!

    (I posted in the right place this time - I checked!)
    HI there... Coventry - well done! Not right but pretty close! Good to chat - I love dialect and accent too - studied linguistics at various times of my life - lovely stuff! Happy New Year!
    Aw, that's sweet of you, Tommy.
    I totally agree about the PITA factor of PM's, and this being far superior. I think there are few things that require the privacy of PM's
    I did empty that stupid box before posting the theme yesterday though!
    I have been responding by clicking on "View Conversation". Then I'm responding in the same conversation - just one click and I'm here.
    It's at M.O.M.S. - the host is Tina - I never quite caught her last name, but it starts with 'M' - "Marg..." something?

    And yes, somebody bought me a drink. Bourbon. Which I drank half of, a tiny sip at a time, throughout about 3.5 hours I was there. I have discovered I don't play my best if I am feeling even the slightest amount of alcohol, and every time I tried to take a larger sip, or two in a row, I started to feel it. So I think club soda next time. :)

    What do you mean you posted on your own vms?

    I'm not sure what you're hearing on my videos ... I think the sound on these is about the best it's ever been, and good enough for now. Unless it's really a problem, I'm not that motivated to mess around further until I get a separate mic. I have tried different angles and stuff, but that has other challenges. Eh.
    By the way, the open mic is in Doylestown, and it was great, so I will probably go again. Near you? Every Tuesday. And they tell me it is not usually noisy ... there were apparently two holiday parties there last night, and those people were not there to listen to us. Usually it's just the open mic people listening to each other. And lots of jamming together. It was a great group!
    Love it! Though, I think, technically, it'a a parody..
    Oh, wait ... it's two different songs? What's the second one?
    Haha, I so get it. I was very fortunate to have someone help me make my first few videos, before I acquired my own webcam and was fully unleashed on the world. There's definitely a learning curve to get the camera set up and pointing where you want it, where to stand, how to get decent audio, etc. Mine didn't have instructions either. But once you work all that out, it's just press "record" and go.

    Me, I am planning to make a whole lotta videos today, including my Season opener. I'm not really nervous ... excited for it! Been wanting to do this for over a year. We are gonna have some fun. Thanks for joining my party!
    Woohoo!!! Go, Tommy. I totally get it. Your first video. It's a thing. You can do it. Just set it up and talk to it or something, make a throwaway video first to get comfortable in front of the camera. Make a few if you need to.

    It's funny ... I was just the opposite ... I've made 130 videos, and performed in front of friendly crowds many times ... but I was all kinds of nervous about that open mic the other night. I did not expect that either ... and it went fine.

    Super easy theme this week ... you can basically video any song you want! Mine will be easy next week ... but not that easy. But I rather suspect you may like it. :)

    I do love me a good mashup. I just made a whole playlist of them. Chutzpah, schmutzpah ... I just have absolutely no shame.

    Planning to make my opening video tomorrow. It's my first hosting ... so, a first for me too. Gonna be awesome. Excited!
    Ah, so you are a man after all ... someone was speculating your name meant you were a woman. :)
    I'm between Exits 9 and 10 on the Turnpike. You?
    Hi - I tried to reply to your PM but it told me that your inbox was full and rejecting new messages. Did you know that you can archive your PM's locally to your computer (both inbox/sent) if you go to your inbox, and then scroll down, and look to the middle-left of the last text area to where it says "Download all Private Messages as: XML | CSV | Text " and click on one of those and save the file to your hard drive. Then if you delete the ones in your inbox you will have freed up some space in your UU account to rec'v new msgs..
    Thank you. I can tell you a little about the Guitar Center Stores nearby. The store close to me, in Clearwater, isn't very uke friendly. They do carry a lot of strings, and very few ukes, but they don't set them up, they're rarely in tune.
    The GC in Tampa, across the Bay, is more uke friendly, and hosted a Stuart Fuchs workshop last year. But I don't want to drive over there, almost an hour away.
    Sam Ash Music here is very uke friendly, don't stock many, and charge to set them up. Their repair guy there is very nice, fixed a crack in my uke once, and got rid of a rattle caused by loose wires. He isn't good with frets and things of that nature though. There is an older guy here that some people swear by, and some people are scared out of their wits by. I'm gonna dare to call him.
    Hey there.
    Thanks for the offer. It is gratefully accepted.
    Be warned though that while the world is a lonely place, my world can also be a very busy place. Sometimes, I don't get on the computer or to UU for days at a time. So I'm not always the best correspondent. But I do look forward to chatting with you in the future.
    Till then.
    Well spotted, indeed she is a newly built (2011) steel barque. Whatever you want to know, feel free to ask...
    Heya, The shirt sale went decent. The club is going to do a couple of Christmas concerts that should raise some money too.
    Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs? They sure are!

    I don't get out there much, but I am a member. I attended my first show there while in High School in the mid-70s. First class entertainment for sure! Vance Gilbert is there this weekend, but I have to work.

    And Barista - yeah, in my 9th year - this is my retirement job. A Lot less stress than the fire department, that's for sure!
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