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    Orange Blossom Special (Key of A)

    "The Fiddle Players National Anthem", rightly should be played with at least two fiddles. Each dueling each other in the A part. The B and C parts of the tune are a more conventional breakdown. "Orange Blossom Special" is a twisted tune. The A part is done in the Key of E and the remainder in...
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    A Wednesday Car (Johnny Cash Cover)

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    Stormy Monday (T Bone Walker Cover)

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    Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Carter Family Cover, Chords and Lyrics included)

    Under copyright. Used with permission of June Carter Cash.
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    Cat Called Domino, (Roy Orbison cover with chords and lyrics)

    I have taken a page from BEVOMU's book. This is played on a tenor ukulele tune as a Baritone, DGBE. Roy Orbison, "The Big O" Started playing in a band in high school. He realized he could make a living playing music back then. He was Influenced strongly by rockabilly and C+W music. Lefty...
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    Camping in Canaan's Land (Chords and Lyrics included)

    Tenor tuned to DGBE.