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    Western Maple and Port Orford Cedar Tenor uke

    Sorry about the link. Here's a video link of me playing it in one of the groups I play with. Hopefully you can get some sense of the sound. Ahh, I did find it, The date of the video is after this review but that is the very same uke. he must have posted it later.
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    Covid Booster

    For sure. I'll jump in line as soon as I am able. Tired of playing it safe....Got my first two shots as a soon as I could.
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    Western Maple and Port Orford Cedar Tenor uke

    I'm resurrecting this old thread just to follow up about this Uke review. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I purchased it, but it is still my favorite. I use it almost exclusively, though now it is tuned to low G. (lately, I've been playing my Bushman concert due to the fact it is...
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    Baritone uke tuned up to Hi C tenor tuning

    Was at a store today where they had a Baritone Uke tuned re-entrant and tuned up to the tenor C tuning. It had a great sound quality. I didn't readily find any sets on line to match that and now wonder if it would be too much tension? It sure sounded great though.
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    BeatNik's Ultimate Ukulele Songbook

    Has anyone tried this product? You sign up for $30 and get access to like 2600 songs. If you have tried it what is your opinion of it?
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    Beloff Leap year songbook

    Hi, I posed this question on FMM also but thought I'd ask here as well. A friend bought the Leap year edition and let me take a quick browse through it. I like the song selection. However, our Uke club had bought the first book (365) but found that the songs too often weren't in good...
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    Spar Urethane for finish

    I am in the process of refinishing my Papoose (a Uke like instrument with 6 steel strings). The old finish was lifting off (it was a poly finish) and so I scraped and sanded it down and put on some coats of spray shellac. It seemed a little soft and easy to scratch so I steel wooled it down...
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    Do Baritones have a problem with buzzing?

    I posted a thread earlier about whether to get a truss rod or not in a baritone. So this is a followup question. I have tried a number of baritones that some folks in our Uke club have and they all have buzzing issues. Some buzzed all over the map, very extensive. I've played high end ones...
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    To Truss or Not to Truss

    I am thinking I might like to get a Baritone Uke. I've considered the Kala Acacia and Pono Acacia or Mahogany, all in the $400 range. Pono's have a truss rod but Kala does not. Should I be concerned about that? Exactly what does a truss rod do? Is it only related to action or can it correct...
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    Pages missing from the Daily Ukulele book

    I had bought the Daily Uke book out east when I was visiting my kids, as our local music store didn't have it in. I pulled it out at the Uke club and it's missing pages from 95 - 112. Any suggestions? Our local store has since gotten them in. Do I contact Hal Leonard or what?
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    Mahogany bridge?

    I had a luthier glue a bridge off a busted up uke I had to another vintage uke I had bought. It worked great and looks very nice on the vintage uke. But I would like to make a bridge for my busted up uke that I have glued back together. Anyway, I have mahogany sitting around. Would that...
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    Can I use a 4th wound classical guitar string for a low G tenor uke string?

    Hi, My question says it all. Just went to the local music shop and that is what they suggested. I bought one but thought i'd ask first since I don't want to put too much tension on the neck. (It is the D wound of a classical set that I want to use as a Low G on a Tenor Uke I have). Thanks...
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    Western Maple and Port Orford Cedar Tenor uke

    Well, I promised Perry Bullinger I'd review his ukulele and I am finally getting around to it. Long story short, I had originally bought a Lanakai tenor and sold it and tried other sizes but finally decided I am really a tenor guy. I had some extra money to buy something nice so i decided I'd...
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    Stew Mac Tenor - Can I radius the fretboard?

    If I were to buy the StewMac tenor kit, would it be thick enough to do a radius fretboard, or should I buy a guitar fretboard and cut it down to size? Also, I searched on radius fretboards and most said they didn't think it mattered much. I know mileage may vary, but I had a Mya Moe Uke in...
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    Setting a Bridge

    I bought an old solid wood unlabeled uke (maybe an old Harmony?). It has cracks etc and a belly bulge and the bridge wasn't seated fully on the top. I took the back off to fix cracks with cleats and popped the bridge off. Good news is that cleating and putting a bridge plate in helped to...