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    What little guitar is this?

    Saw this guy on idols and really enjoyed his song. What guitar is this? thanks!
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    Sound-ports on concerts?

    I have a sound port on my Kinnard Tenor and love how it brings the sound to me as I play. I assume the same would be true of a concert, but want to make sure I am not missing something. thoughts on sound-ports on concerts?
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    How low is low?

    How low can action be set at the first fret and still be good to go? Can I carbon fiber/ ekoa instrument be set lower than wood, due to it not changing with weather conditions?
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    Favorite Baritone?

    Looking into getting a really nice baritone. suggestions?
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    Zero Fret: Pros and Cons?

    What do you all think about a fret on a uke? I heard it makes it easier to fret at the first position.
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    and the Glam-shots!
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    and here she is being set-up... Love getting these pictures!
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    Thanks for all the complements. Mr. Kinnard is truly talented. Even the neck looks stunning.
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    Just keeps getting better and better :cool:
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    Coming Along Latest pictures! Just keeps getting better and better :cool:
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    Body-work Just got this update from Kevin!
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    Latest pictures... I love getting the updates, such a nice extra!
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    I hope so ;) more pics
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    Another Kinnard Build :)

    My Kinnard build is up a running! It has been a pleasure to work with Kevin. I have sent endless emails and learned much about wood combos, just a great experience thus far. Tenor: 13 fret Top Material: Red Cedar Back and Sides: Honduran Rosewood Binding: Curly Koa Rosette: 3 rings Bridge...
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    Sound side port?

    What do you guys think of them? Benefits? Drawbacks?