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  • My wife and I work at Abbott in Gurnee. I need to get to a CHUG sometime so someone can look at what I'm doing and say, "No, no, no, you're doing that the hard way. Do it this way, it's much easier and sounds much better." Happy Holidays to you.
    I've been going to CHUG since it first started, and make sure I make a fool of myself every time - no worries! :) I teach in Batavia, about 45 min SW of Chicago - your SIL is a brave woman! What do you do?
    Hey there! So I seemed to have unknowingly been following you around the boards because every new post I read - you're there! That led me to check out your "about me" info and noticed you're in my neck of the woods! Be sure to come join CHUG sometime, I'd love to meet you! Happy Holidays :) ~Lisa
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