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    WTB/ISO Anuenue "Bird' Series Tenor Ukulele Hard Case

    Anyone who no longer wants/needs their Bird series Tenor case? Let me know your price/ details. Thanks
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    Saving a headnut?

    Is it possible to raise a "Too deep" headnut slot (the A) by putting a dab of CA in there? Or is there another decent way without replacing the nut? It's only minor. Just buzzes when I accent on upstrokes. Everything else is perfect.
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    WTB Anuenue "Bird" series Tenor hard case

    Looking for anyone who's not in love with their Moonbird or "Koa bird" Tenor case. I have a L.Luthier Tenor that wont fit in a standard hard case. Baritone works but I would like shorter. What would it take to get you to part with it? LMK! THanks!
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    For Sale: Blackbird Farallon w/MISI and HSC

    SOLD! Thanks!
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    Harp Uke- Strings and tunings?

    I'm having a harp ukulele built and was hoping someone might know the best strings (and suggested tunings) for the harp bank. It will be Tenor scale, with four strings in each bank. Thanks!
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    Best fishing line guages?

    Can someone please suggest the best type and thickness of fishing line for Tenor/Concert ukuleles?
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    Is a gig bag a better option than a loose hard shell case?

    I've got a Tenor Ukulele that fits loosely in the all the hi-end cases I've got. No matter how I fit it, the uke will have about 7/8" of drift (side drift is almost zero, upper bout fit is close, but head to tail is slipping the full 7/8'). The closed lid lightly contacts the strings/saddle My...
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    Kanile'a-replace tuner knobs?

    I have a Kanile'a K1-SC "Super Concert ukulele with OEM kanile'a tuners. I love the ukulele, but I'm not in love with the knobs on the tuners, which are black plastic and of such quality that you can see the mold line on them (ick!). A little surprised that they're not better in this price...
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    Radiused Fret board??

    It seems that my Pono's radiused fretboard makes finger rolls more difficult than the flat ones. Has anyone else had this experience?
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    Putting in a sound port...thoughts?

    Did it! Or at least most of it. I'll spruce it up over the next few days and call it good! . Yes, it does make a lot of difference in what the player hears. Believe it helped reduce the mid tones as well, but that could be just the change in what's now making it to my ear.Click this for a pic...
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    Putting in a sound port...thoughts?

    I've got a Kala Triback, which sounds pretty good, but just a little "tubby" in the mid-range. My plan is to drill a sound port. I'm wondering if there's existing theory over whether the location of such a hole would effect tone and if so, where the optimal location/shape would be. Thoughts?