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    Sunday August 9 in Pasadena, CA

    USC Pacific Asia Museum has its monthly free admission Sunday with a performance by Ukulele Time Machine (featuring Jason Arimoto and Brad Rinola from U-Space). I've been to workshops with both Jason and Brad, and they're both incredible players. Performance is at 2pm, followed by an open jam...
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    Recently realized that I hadn't heard anything about this year's installment. So I wrote the Music Center. Twice. And they haven't responded. Yes, I'm on their mailing list, and they send frequent reminders asking me to donate to keep the causes I care about active. The annual Uke-alongs...
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    New Tony Mizen book on the way!

    Just saw this cruising thru Amazon: It's not quite out yet, but I put it on my wish list and will be checking regularly. I know there are a lot of other fans of his "Lute to Uke" and "Baroque Uke" books here. I...
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    "What is this thing called Aloha?"

    A little park recently opened near me. The lot it sits on used to have a gas station, so that's how "little" it truly is. I walk down there frequently, there are usually lots of kids playing on the equipment. There is a "free library" table, take a book, leave a book, whatever. Yesterday I...
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    UncleElvis (Mike Hind) update

    Haven't seen him around here lately, but came across this article in googlenews and thought some of you might be interested in what he's been up to.
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    Hannabach uke strings (and

    Hannabach Goldin fluorocarbons used to be my favorite classical guitar strings. Then a few years ago, something happened with the exchange rates and the Euro or whatever, and prices went thru the roof and out of my budget. I found Oasis fluoros to be fairly comparable at a fraction of the...
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    George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles

    Oh, the irony!
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    L.A. Times article on sinker wood

    I thought this was pretty interesting.
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    Revisiting your first uke

    My first uke was a Cordoba mahogany tenor, I won it in a drawing from a guitar store. I have since acquired several (cough! cough!) more ukes. The Cordoba hasn't seen much action in a long time, so I decided since I could stuff the case in my tote bag, I'd bring it to today's meetup. I have...
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    Ukule-Along, downtown Los Angeles July 5, Aug 2, Sept 13 (10:30am-1pm)

    Don't believe I've seen this posted here yet... I went to all three Saturdays last year and had a blast. Top notch instructors and your choice of classes. One day was at the Music Center, another at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and...
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    A backpack for uke?

    I'm not talking about a uke case with backpack straps, but a backpack I can put a uke case in, even if it sticks out the top. I need to be able to tote a folding music stand and a few folders of music/books with it, and I've never seen a uke case with enough storage. I realize a tenor...
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    Music for kids news item

    Just saw this segment on our local news about an after-school program not far from me where kids get to learn music and play together. Their faces just light up when they talk about it. :) The founder of...
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    Walking and chewing gum at the same time

    I recently decided to play uke at the center where I attend a support group for a while before it starts. There's a nice living room type area with a fireplace, a piano, and tables and comfy chairs. People sit and read, or play cards or board games, and anyone is welcome to play the piano, so...
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    Room humidifier recommendations?

    I'm thinking of getting a room humidifier for the living room, which is where I keep my ukes (always in cases). Have hygrometers in the LR and BR, and the LR tends to have significantly lower humidity. Which is understandable, because the BR door is kept closed and it benefits from showers...
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    Gibson and the Lacey Act (news article)

    When Gibson got back wood confiscated under the Lacey Act, they used it in making a "Government Series" of guitars.,0,6391484.story