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  • Hi,
    My it does get complicated. I will have to miss this opportunity and allow another to enjoy it.
    Thank you,
    Hi Jean,

    China is actually so far from Southern California, and it would be a risk to ship it. I look at the dings and other issues...I feel confident to offer you a total of $400 which would include splitting the shipping. If I loss that amount, I would call it experience. Any loss greater than that I would consider foolish.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Hi, William!
    I understand there are shipping risks. I've bought several ukes from California, the post service has done good jobs for me so far. I wouldn't suppose there be much difference vice versa. Please let me know if you ever got such experience, good or bad. I believe my listing price is fair enough for its condition. I'm open to trade offers.

    Thanks for your interest,
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