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  • Hey,

    what's up, what's up? ;)
    You got your r&r request for Germany?
    It's some time ago that I played on my uke. I don't know why... too much to do... what a bummer!

    Wish you all the best!
    Hey Jake. Thanks, I'm fine. I'm preparing my summer holidays but the weather isn't that fine. Hope, it'll change!
    And how are you? I haven't played much on my uke lately... too many other things to to. And you? You practise assiduously? ;)
    Hi Jake,

    Thanks for the reply. I understand that things must be different when one uses USPS mailing services at an APO. I'll keep my eye out for the ukulele and I'll let you know when it gets here (or if it doesn't get here after two weeks). Just out of curiousity, how does insuring packages with the USPS work for stuff sent from an APO? I'm sure it won't be a problem, but what would happen if the ukulele gets lost in transit or arrives damaged?

    I hope all is well and things are quiet where you are.

    It just goes. On and on that is. Although this month I have the opportunity (the chore) of building koa kitchen cabinets. Nice to not have to worry about how they sound.
    Hey Jake,

    Thanks for the update! Do you happen to have a tracking number? By the way, the MP custom being built for you looks great! Hope all is quiet today in your part of the world.

    Hi Jake,

    I'm in for $400. Do you have a PayPal account? I'm located in San Francisco.
    Hallo Jake. Heut schreibe ich mal auf deutsch :)
    Danke für das Kompliment zu "imagine". Aber ich mache mir nicht allzu große Hoffnungen auf einen Sieg; mitmachen ist alles!
    Auf deine Videos bin ich gespannt und freue mich drauf!!!
    Heh, thanks! In the majority of cases, the things I say are rooted in semantics. I'm ridiculously particular about choosing just the right words to convey just the right meaning, and trust me, it does not make me popular at parties.

    The English program is really broad (in the sense that it takes bits and pieces of nearly every aspect of the humanities, which is great). Your history/theatre background would fit in perfectly (but it seems like you know that already so I just repeated the obvious). The best thing that comes out of an English degree is probably that everybody expects that you'll have superior writing and communication skills. The worst is that everybody assumes you're going to be a teacher. (Actually, no, the worst is that you realize that 80% of employers don't care that you can analyze "Waiting for Godot" in meticulous detail and just need somebody to sort files alphabetically.)

    Anyway, best wishes over yonder and good luck in all your endeavors!
    Good evening (in Germany it's nearly midnight)!

    My birthday is on the 7 of december. So, I got a half year left to say that I'm not yet a mid-twen ;) So, you're younger than me. Please call me "old lady" :D
    Hey Jacob. I'm fine. Thanks. But I'm busy at the moment, there's not much time left for my poor uke. But I'm happy that you sent me a message :D
    So, are you really born on the fourth of july? ;)
    Thanks a bunch! He's home for R&R at the end of August and back for Good end of November. So yes, it is going by fast but it'd be nice if it went by faster, lol. Stay safe over there!
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