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    Greetings from a rain swept Lancashire

    Welcome, CIY. Can you detail your new ukes? I'm new too and have acquired a couple of $250ish Kalas and now a very nice Koaloha KTM-00. Jim
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    Capo for beginners

    I'll sing along with the chorus here: Who needs it? I've had a couple for my guitars and I've used them only when some instruction book suggests I do for a specific practice routine. I never use them for my guitars, banjos, mandolins and, now, ukes. If you're just looking for some stuff to buy...
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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hi Tom. I've been playing guitar since 1961 and ukulele since July. I'd agree that the uke just seems comfortable right away. I'm actually in Maui right now and had a good lesson last week. Heading back to the mainland tomorrow and trying to keep the aloha spirit going. Good luck with your...
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    First string change and everything rattles

    Hello all. I've had a 10-year-old Kala KA-T kicking around the house for a while and decided to give it its first string change. As much as I do not love changing strings on anything, it went OK until I realized that even after I was done and all the long ends were cut off and all the strings...
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    Never too old? Hope not

    Greetings, everyone. I just joined up after spending a few days messing with the uke my son bought 8-10 years ago. After failing to distinguish myself at guitar, banjo or mandolin, I've decided this is my true (or at least new) calling at age 72. I plan to do a lot of prowling around on this...