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    Monthly ukulele jam in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK

    I run a monthly ukulele jam at the Pound Arts centre in Corsham on the first Friday of every month at 8pm. There are usually just a few of us, but would welcome more! Corsham Ukulele Jam Our next jam will be on Friday 7th February. We'll have a go at a few disco numbers!
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    Encore banjo ukulele at my local auction house (in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK)

    I've been outbid on this one, just posting this here in case anyone thinks it's worth more than I do and fancies a punt on it. Probably only worth bidding if you're local enough to pick it up in person though
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    Beginner ukulele lessons from my local arts centre.

    My local arts centre have started producing a series of free ukulele lessons online. They seem to be really keen at the moment to get people making music. Do take a look if you have a minute or two.
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    Poll: Chord sheet preferences

    I like mine inline as chord diagrams so I don't have to remember what tuning I'm in. Also there are so many chords that can have more than one name. This way all I need to remember when playing are the shapes. It's a bit more work marking up songs in this way, but way easier to play if the...
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    Red Bandits playing Christmas Lights Switch-On, Corsham, Wiltshire, UK Fri 7th Dec

    The ukulele band I play rhythm ukulele with, Red Bandits will be playing to support the switching on of the Christmas lights in Corsham on 7th of December. Watch this space or check local press to confirm time and location.
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    Frome Ukulele Festival, Somerset, England 23 March 2019
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    Maybe old news, but I'm sorry to see Omega Music UK have closed

    Omega Music UK often had a great selection of ukuleles, and their own reviews of the ukuleles they stocked were refreshingly detailed, humorous and honest. I bought, I guess, two or three ukes from them in recent years, so I was disappointed to find they closed in May this year due to a...
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    Interesting old ukulele and a Beltona Reso at my local (Wiltshire, UK) auction house

    This one looks interesting, albeit presumably a fair bit of restoration would be needed to make it playable. I won't be bidding myself! And there's this Beltona resonator ukulele...
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    NAD-New Amp Day

    Yes the Honeytone is a handy little amp. I clipped mine to the back of my music stand when I played a few songs at Christmas last year.
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    Public Liability Insurance for solo player (in UK)?

    Can anyone suggest where I can get public liability insurance for solo amateur performing? I've looked at Making Music, but their standard package includes insurance for instruments and kit too (which I'm not interested in).
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    The ukulele resurgence is over, say UK music store Gear4Music

    "A few years ago it was folk instruments and the ukulele. Right now it's a retro revival." From:
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    Linkesoft's Songbook app for Windows Tablets and 2-in-1s

    I recently noticed Linkesoft's Songbook app, which you might be familiar with on iPad, Android or Windows is being developed specifically for Windows tablets. So far, the app is in Beta (which means it's free, but some bugs still need ironing out). I've been using it for the last couple of...
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    Season 243 - A Night At The Opera

    Season 243: A Night At The Opera For your own pleasure and our mutual enjoyment, edification and encouragement, please post one video only of no more than 5 minutes and 55 seconds duration with content from any of the following choice of categories loosely based on this week's theme "A Night...
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    Songs listed by Key

    I just noticed that the songs on the website "Richard G's Ukulele Songbook" can be listed by key - handy if you're looking for a song for one of pabrizzer's bi-weekly contests. Could also I guess be useful for thinking about songs that might go together for a medley for this Season (although...
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    BBC Get Playing Virtual Orchestra - including yours truly on Ukulele

    Approx 1,200 people playing various instruments took part in a performance of Bizet's Toreador song from the opera Carmen. The performances were stitched together and shown as part of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms. Two ukulele parts were published, one for picked...