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  • Hi Jimmy -great to meet you over the weekend. How great was that? Permanent smile on my face! Any chance of getting some of that busk footage from your Dad? Its the only part of the weekend I didn't get? Take care

    Where did u get the Kala and the Pete Howlett? Is it hard to get good ukes around here? Got my Kala from highlystrung.co.uk! Aye i joined the forum Jimmy. Are there any others in the north who play the Uke or is it just us??? lol
    Sounds good Jimmy! What sort of one did you get? I got a Mahalo soprano from Marcus in Belfast which wasn't much use. Bought a Kala tenor about 2 weeks ago which is great! Seriously thinkin about headin down some time!
    cool! I hadnt seen or heard of anyone playing uke in ireland at all, might try and make upto dublin one of those months if i can (i've no car!) thanks for letting me know
    Someone was asking for some in the PW thread. I did a search to find it and came across your post.

    PM your mailing address. I'll trade you for something from your side of equal or lesser value.
    Hello I got to see the Pogues last night and they did a great job. I think Shane was sober! When they come back your way maybe you can check them out. Laytah
    I love Shane McGowan, too! My favorite song of his is "Nancy Whisky." I'm still not sure if he's singing about liquor or a woman but I love the song. :D
    Ah Jimmy take your time if your young with the drink. I didn't start until I was 8. Ha just messing! I'm looking forward to seeing the Pogues, its been a few years since they were in Ga. I even started ukafying a few MacGowan specials.If he knew I'm sure he would feel honored.Heeshkhee, that Shane death rattle laugh.
    How-dee Jimmy, had an un-ukulele question. Just had some Connemara Whiskey and it was right on tasty have ya tried? If you don't drink I apologize for the question. I'm a killbeggan (maybe i dih spell right) fan from way back. Other Irish related news, The Pogues are coming to Atlanta in March...hoo ray! You may be to young to know the Pogues. Anyway keep on rock n!
    Hi, are there many uke enthusist in N.Irl ? I hope so been to the Rep. Irl and t'was a bit cloudy, You so need a sunny instrument there. Vodka and Vita , right on! Try some JD and real lemonade, not that fizzy stuff.....Tasty
    thanks man,, chech out "walk'n an talk'n the blues" forum thread, in ukulele tricks, tips, and technique, got some handy info on how to slide your uke,, rock on!
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