Lifelong creator of sounds - mostly pleasing to me, questionable to others. Never a master of any sound source except maybe clapping in front of my mouth to make some notes!
- coronet during 6th - 7th grade
- Sousaphone/Tube 8th - 11th
Instruments that I've owned:
- Ovation Applause six string steel acoustic guitar
- Alvarez Yairi CY116 Classical Guitar (sold for Christmas money)
- Fender P-Bass 1970's Natural Maple (lost to "Friend")
- various other basses
Currently collection:
- A red sparkly Shredneck Z-series travel bass
- An Outdoor Tenor in green with gold
- A Fine Ukes Hollow-Body Tenor steel-string electric

Reading, travel trailer camping, whittling, photography, making musical sounds
Houston, Texas
Enabler of binary value movement


James the Curmudgeon (Third Level)
Current collection:
- A Shredneck Z-series travel bass in sparkly red
- An Outdoor Tenor in green
- A Fine Ukes Hollow-Body Tenor steel-string electric



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