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  • Hi Joe,
    Just seeing your name on here brought back a flood of old memories. Back about the mid 70's I wandered into Gate 5 for the first time. Made some friends...names I remember; Doyle and Susan, Jimi, Penny, Bob and Gary, Herschel, Tor, Po and the rest of the Samoans, more I can't remember. Quite the interesting group.

    I was just one in a long line of teenage potheads from the other side of Bridgeway. IIRC whenever we'd hear, "Joe is coming!" we'd dive behind the freebox or something, to hide.

    Anyway, great to see you here, one of these nights I'll have to get down to the no name for 'uke night. I'm guessing that's about the only place in Saus that hasn't changed (much).

    I think you are in the Bay Area so you may want to come to our kanikapila sometime. My email is joebtate@gmail.com
    Unfortunately, I don't . . . as far as the petroglyph, a friend sent it to me awhile back.
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