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    Exploring 100 year old (your) ukes

    You have the technology, you can rebuild it!
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    Which era of Martin Style 0 sounds the best?

    I do not believe it is possible to give a definitive answer to this question. The only way to be sure that a ukulele will suit your requirements is to try it before you commit to buying it - hands on, that is. Listening to a recording of it will not do.
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    Missing Soprano

    I try very hard to avoid it.
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    Soprano Intonation

    What did he say?
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    my ukulele progress

    My "Horace" was called Arthur. Arthur was very special indeed. Then came Oscar, and now Freddie (Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis). They were not replacements, never could be, but both lovely chaps. After twenty years, I still think about Arthur but nowadays it's only about once a week.
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    Soprano Intonation

    "I've always said someone should roll out a set of low-cost hearing aids branded "Swashbucklers" and charge only a buck an ear" Someone would be sure to pirate the design.
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    my ukulele progress

    I live alone but have a companion cat. I don't think of him as 'my' cat but as my pal. He was a stray. He turned up at the back of my dwelling looking scruffy, poorly and very hungry, so I started leaving food out for him. He was extremely wary of me, at first, but before long he was rubbing...
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    Soprano Intonation

    IIRC it was comparative.
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    Soprano Intonation

    I once asked a superb professional player to try one of my sopranos. I had just tuned the open strings with an electronic tuner. The first thing he did was re-tune the uke by ear, then he made wonderful music with it. After he had handed it back, with some polite words of approval, I checked the...
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    Soprano Intonation

    FWIW, I've just tested (all strings, all frets) my Timms style 0 (Aquila strings) using two different electronic tuners and it is impressively accurate. Nowhere was it out by more than 10cents. Then I tried my 1950-ish Martin style 1 (Worth brown medium) which gave very similar results. Both...
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    Soprano Intonation

    All we are doing is making music. We only have to satisfy the ear - not an electronic tuner. I'd bet Ukulele Ike's ukes wouldn't have passed the scrutiny of a modern electronic device, but he made wonderful music.
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    Bar frets

    It's best if you don't put your finger on the fret itself. You should be holding the string down just behind the relevant fret. I suppose I must include an emoji - :giggle:
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    Hello and welcome, from the wilds of Shropshire. I too found the ukulele after picking up a guitar and deciding it was too big and cumbersome. That was about twenty-five years ago. Enjoy!
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    Happy International Men's Day to the XY contingent

    D'you mean I'm supposed only to do dem tings on one day each year?(n)
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    Soprano Intonation

    Bill1, that's very good advice. Sorting out and setting up a cheap uke is a hugely useful learning process. Mass produced ukuleles usually have the frets in the right places, relative to each other, as they are produced by an automated process, but is not unknown for the nuts and the...