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  • Hi John
    I'm closer than you think...Andover. Yes it would be good to meet up, havn't been able to play my ukes yet but I'm sure I'll be back to health in the newyear, there is a guy in southampton, Sam that wants to come up too, so when I'm well enough we'll have to sort it out. Thanks for the get well messages. I was gutted I couldn't make it to the slug and lettuce, hope you had a good time.
    See you in the forum.
    Have uploaded the tab for Godfather theme, go to my profile and my pictures. There is an album called Godfather theme, in it two pages. These are the guitar workings I worked from, then I adapted slightly for Uke. Hope this is a help rather than a complication. Cheers
    No Uke. Tried a few though including a VERY nice Mahalo Koa. It was £180 which included a hard case and it was lovely. More than I want to spend on a Soprano though as I like my concert too much to give up. I also tried a Stagg US-80s which was surprisingly good. I have read about intonation issues with them but this was spot on. Still considering the Eleuke from Thomann which is only £65. I play Punky/rock type stuff and fancy an Electric for doing some gigs with, not that I've done any yet but I can do as soon as I want to.
    Hello John, thanks for adding. I'm off on a Uke Hunt today, looking for a new Soprano. Probably end up buying online though but still trying to decide what I want. Don't really want to spend more than £100 so may end up with a Bruko although I am sort of tempted with an EleUke. Decisions decisions!
    Hey John, I see you play Dont like Mondays by Boomtown Rats. Do you have chords for that? Andd do you have finger positions for that little piano ditty that goes on between verses? Be great if you could help - Paul
    Thanks! He is posted in Afghanistan. A year is a long time to wait but it's sooner than later. :)
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