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    WTB Anuenue UT200 Moonbird EUROPE

    Hi you all, I've been looking around for a deal on a second hand Anuenue moonbird tenor. I'm located in the Netherlands. Anyone has one for sale? Kind regards, JP
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    Late NUD Pono MGTP5 PC

    And one more from the back in sunlight.
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    Late NUD Pono MGTP5 PC

    Hey Guys, I thought it'd be fun to share some pics of my uke. I've had it for a while now but i'd still like to share it! It's a great uke. Kind regards, JP
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    Pono AT or Kala SMHT SC

    Hey guys! I recently discovered two great deals on the internet. I can get the Kala mahogany scallop tenor for around 180 euro's and the pono acacia tenor for 200 euro's. Does anyone here have experience with these ukes? I'm stuck between them. Would like to hear about your recommandations...
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    Roland micro Cube VS Vox DA5

    Hello! Recently i bought my first eleuke, i'll receiver it tomorrow. I'm looking for an amp that i can use with it, but i'm on a tight budget (around 70 euro's). Currently i'm doubting between a first generation Roland Microcube that i can get for €67,50,- And a Vox DA5 that i can get for 30...
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    WTB Roland Microcube GX

    Hi all! Recently i bought my first electric solid body uke, just to try out. I'm now looking for an amp, the Roland Microcube GX to be specific, because it's such a portable and versatile amp. Anyone in Europe that would like to sell one? I'm located in the Netherlands. Kind regards, JP
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    WTB World of ukes Pioneer T1

    Hi guys, I've been waiting for the new batch of World of Ukes Pioneer T1's for a year, and now, when theyve arrived, they were already sold out. So i'm just wondering if anyone on the forum has one available for sale? I'm located in the Netherlands. Let me know! Kind regards, JP
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    Laka VUC80ea

    Hi guys! Does anyone here have experience with the Laka VUC80EA? I have the possibility to get it for €160,-. Seems like a good deal, what are your opinions on this uke? Kind regards Jp
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    Pono Pro Classic MGTP5 PC

    Hi! I'm selling my Pono PC MGTP5 PC because i'm going to replace it with an Anuenue concert. It's in new-like condition, and it's a beautiful and unique looking instrument with a beautiful sound. It's currently strung with D'addario EJ65T strings. I payed €1200,- for it. I'm asking €900,-...
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    Pono Pro Classic vs Kala Elite

    Hi! I currently own a Pono pro classic mango tenor pineapple. I have the possibility to trade it for a Kala elite Koa 3 concert ukulele. Which one do you guys recommend? What are your opinions? Pono...
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    WTB Cheap uke bass

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a cheap ubass to try out! I prefer a used one, because i'd like to find ond under $100. I know i won't be getting a very good bass with that money, but i mostly play my tenor and i just want to try something new. I'm located in the Netherlands, Europe. Kind regards, JP
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    Pineapple tenor cases

    Hi guys, I was wondering where i could find a case for my Pono Pro Classic mango pineapple tenor. Because it's not a very common shape/size, i haven't been able to find a case online that wil fit. Kind regards, JP
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    Enya ukuleles

    Hi guys, If anyone has had some experience with Enya ukuleles, i'd like to hear some of your opinions on this new chinese brand! Barry from Gotaukulele was pretty enthousiastic, i might even buy one from amazon as a beach uke. Kind regards, JP
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    Kala elite Koa 3 CG vs Pono MGTP 5 PC

    Hi guys! I currently own the Pono pro classic MGTP 5 PC. It's a beautiful instrument. I payed €500,- for it, which was quite a good deal, i think. Recently, someone offered me to trade his Kala elite Koa 3 concert with my Pono. It's solid koa, it probably sounds great and it looks awesome...
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    Should i buy this ukulele with a small repaired crack?

    Hey guys! I was looking for a uke that i could take with me on holidays, because i don't want to endanger my Pono pro classic. I found a Kala Ka Asac tenor. Solid acacia, slotted headstock. It is priced at €140,- including shopping. I've just found out that there is a small crack at the back of...