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  • Hafa? I'm in Cp. Humphreys. I hear the guys are throwing Guam Liberation on the 25th. Not sure if it's going to be here or Osan, but shoot hit me up bro 010-8584-7423.
    oh well that's pretty convenient isn't it...haha. Okay you guys get it down and ill see what i can do :)
    no problem :) AHH no i dont know the samoan igi...that would be so tight tho! and not the easiest to learn by ear...haha.
    Ok you know chord names? Well anyways, Honi Honi = F, D7, Bb, C7. I been playing for like 2 1/2 years. I found Tali maia, wanna learn that?
    hey justin ; thank you for the friend request and compliment on "Naumati Lagona"...that song IS good stuff. Unfortunately thats pretty much the only samoan song I know :/ i do know "honi honi" by laga if you were looking for more by him. I'll try to learn some more for you tho...can't go wrong when you go to yuh rootZ right? take care 8)
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