Trained on clarinet when I was ten but it didn't take. Started playing dulcimer around 15 and guitar at 16; I've been fingerpicking for the half-century since then. Survived at busking for a few years before getting honest work, ha. I retired early from computers and have been fairly useless since then.

Music, photography, travel, smut, science, reality.
at home below Lake Tahoe CA USA
Retired software engineer (burnt-out codemonkey)


Ukes: Alvarez 4- & Kala 6- & O.Schmidt 8-string tenors; 1 Ohana & 2 Kahalo sopranos; Harmonia concert & bari
Mandos: Celtic (KE Coleman) & Soviet ovals; Kay & Rogue A-types; Harmonia F2 & mandola
Banjos: Gretsch banjolin; Varsity banjolele; Orlando 5-string; fretless & fretted Cumbus o'uds
Acoustic guitars: Martin Backpacker; Ibanez Performance; Art et Lutherie; Academy dobro; Ovation 12-string
Others: Maffick & First Act dulcimers; Mexican cuatro-menor; Puerto Rican cuatro; Martin tiple; electrics
Wanted: charango; balalaika; bowlback mando; Venezuelan cuatro; zithers[/size]​