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  • Hi,

    I was just reminded of this character in The Usual Suspects movie, and I wondered if that's where you derived your name.
    "It’s never made clear whether or not Keyser Soze, a brutal Turkish crime lord, is real or simply a myth, “a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night,” according to low-level criminal “Verbal” Kint, who proceeds to tell Soze’s. Soze’s influence is either everywhere or nowhere. "
    Your post 2nite on Ukeeku.com's thread about first video, shyness, newness and all really struck a chord with me. Here's a huge high five for posting a couple vids. May the force be with you, young Jedi.
    Roblat and I are going to put together a plan to start a uke group/jam sesh in Swansea, lets get it on
    hello kaizersoza,
    i live in swansea and have had a brief stab at a uke get together myself, to no avail if you want to meet up and try to get something off the ground happy to get involved anything to spare the wife and kids from my playing!

    cheers Roblat
    ALOHA to anyone visiting my profile, i love playing the uke and this site and its members have been and still are so helpful and friendly, add me as a friend coz i love making new friends especially friends who play the uke
    these r my ukes...at the moment sparkly blue makala dolphin black lava tenor fluke Kala solid mahogany soprano Kala flamed maple concert
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