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    Cheap Off-brand Ukuleles You Like? (Just For Fun)

    I was looking for a cheaper laminate tenor uke for travelling, I already own 2 flukes one tenor neck the other a concert, but i don't want to use them for travelling anymore because they are now quite expensive, I have a Kala jazz top tenor which again was too expensive to take travelling and it...
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    new video and original song

    Hi UU here is a new video of my mate and me doing a rendition of a song my mate wrote in support of the Welsh football team qualifying for the European Championships this Summer, hope you all enjoy even the national newspaper of Wales has got behind the song, here's the linky for the video:-...
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    Review Of The Snail Rosewood UK-598 Tenor

    I recently bought a Snail Rosewood Tenor Ukulele, and I am pleasantly surprised with it, it cost me £104 from Omega Music in the UK, these guys are fantastic to deal with and it arrived next day with free delivery, Here's my short review On opening the box, the uke was already virtually tuned...
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    Ukulele Festival Of Wales

    If you live anywhere near the beautiful land of song Wales Uk, we are having a ukulele festival in June 2016, set on the stunningly beautiful Gower Peninsular, we have a fantastic line up of ukulele player from around the world to entertain you all Come along all are welcome, for more...
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    Ukulele Festival Of Wales

    Hi All, There is going to be a Ukulele Festival on the beautiful Gower Peninsular, Swansea, South West Wales in June 2016, I have posted a linky to the facebook page so that anyone interested in attending will be able to get all the details about the festival, the link is:-...
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    web site for melodica tabs

    Is anyone aware of any good sites with melodica tabs on it, I am currently using keyboard books to learn the instrument, but would like a wider variety of songs to learn, hope someone can help, thanks kaizer
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    All About Da Bass, Kaizersoza and Grand daughter

    Hi Guys here's a video of me and my grand daughter trying to nail 'All About The Bass' we had a hell of a lot of fun doing it, hope you all enjoy Thanks for taking the time :cool: Kaizer here's the link
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    4 Years Playing Ukulele Today

    Hi Guys I know I don't post on here as often as I used to, I still check in about twice a week to see what is happening and read all your posts, I started playing ukulele 4 years to the day 15th June 2011, having never played a musical instrument in my life, it changed my life literally In...
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    unbalanced sound on Kala ukulele banjo

    Hi guys I wonder if you can throw any light on a problem i have got with my new banjolele, its a Kala soprano banjolele, the G string rings out loudly whilst the C, E and A string are quite dull, in fact you can hear the G string drowning out the other 3 strings, any ideas on how I can balanc...
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    Teaching a 10 year old ukulele

    Hi Guys I have been asked to teach a 10 year old girl to play the ukulele, she has never played a uke before and is a complete beginner, can you give me some song ideas to teach her, she is quite mature for her age so nursery rhymes are no good, I want to make the lessons interesting and fun...
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    Clearwater ABS Concert Ukulele First Impressions

    Hi Guys the Clearwater ABS Concert Uke arrived today, My first impressions about this uke are:- Build Quality The build quality of this plastic go anywhere uke is very good, I bought the black one coz that is my favourite colour, there is also orange, which in hindsight I should have bought...
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    Competition for The Outdoor Ukulele perhaps?

    Have a look at these little beauties folks...
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    Review of the Clearwater Roundback Electro Concert Ukulele

    UPDATE, I have owned this uke for well over a year now and to be honest it has been a great work horse, it has accompanied me on camping trips, hikes, beer fuelled barbeques and parties, jams with my better half, club nights and also more beer fuelled gigs and even more beer fuelled parties, and...
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    A question about selling and buying

    Hi Guys, I am 50 in August and I would really love to buy a ukulele to commemorate my age, however times are hard, so from the list of ukes in my signature, which ones would you sell to help fund a really decent mid to high end uke, I would really like your opinion on this one guys, because with...
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    brilliant weekend at Ukulele Festival of GB

    what a great weekend I had at the Ukulele festival of GB, the Friday was messy, my head was killing me Saturday, but it was all a part of growing up, drank so much cider it was obscene, met up with Barry Maz and his lovely missus at The Exmoor Arms, Barry gave me a hell of a lot of advice when I...