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  • i know man, ive been busy. i had to take this semester off due to medical reasons. but i got 2 more years to finish. how you been?
    Aloha Kanaka! Mahalo for adding that link to your Hawaiian Mele, I could not figure it out......not too computer savy!!!
    Aloha Brah,
    Do you happen to have the uke chords to Promises are Forever. THAT song says it all for me.
    Mahalos! No complaining from me; I just wanted to be sure that you were aware of the problem. Thanks for fixing it. The thread looks like it will be very useful.
    Mark (mds725)
    Unfortunately, HSG closed it's doors. That was like our home away from home on Fridays. Anyways, we do meet on Fridays at an L&L in the Lakecrest Center. It's off of I-5, exit at Florin Rd. West. The shopping complex is on your left. Just lemme know through UU or email me (Hawhyen51@gmail.com).
    Big Mahalos for that. I played and cried thinking about her. At least we had 47 yrs. together, Dec 31 would have been married for 46 yrs. UU have kept me company this past few weeks and for that I am truly grateful, not to mention the PM's I got from our brothers and sisters. UU and its members have been a God send for me. Anyway Mahalo again. You guys still meet in Elk Grove? maybe I'll show up sometime, nothing much to do nowadays.
    Aloha Brah, Mahalo on the heads up for Dennis Garcia. He's good. Been spending a LOT of time on this site since my wife died. Don't know what else to do other than play my ukes. This site has been a God sent for me. Take care Bruddah...............BO.............
    Aloha Brah, Don't know who the artist is. The song is on Hot Island Hits Vol.1 cd. Mahalo...
    Aloha Kanaka916, was wondering if you have the words and chords for Ku'u Nani? Love that kinda jazzy song. Mahalo Bobo...
    I'm not sure what's up with their website but they had a couple of their 'ukuleles on display at the last 'Ukulele Guild Hawai'i show in July so I know he's still producing. His shop is in his garage in Hawai'i Kai.
    If I find anything else out I let you know. Aloha.
    This is the most current info I have.

    R&L 'Ukuleles
    Randy & Lenda Wong
    7327 Kauhako St
    Honolulu, HI 96825

    Ph. 808-391-0838
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