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  • Sorry brah, I don't know of any jam sessions around that area. I heard something about Vacaville, but that was a while back and haven't heard anything since. I'm in South Sac/EG and we get together Friday evenings at HSG of Laguna Blvd West. If you happen to be in the area, drop on in and say Hi!
    Hey. I'm from the 530 (Davis).
    do you know of any ukulele groups or jam sessions around our area?
    I'm assuming you live in Sac or somewhere near.
    Chee Hu!! word up bu' as far as price range honestly money is not an issue for me when buying something you love. How come us filipino's have so much stupid expensive hobbies hahhaa Music is my passion my new years resolution is to finally pick up the UKULELE and LEARN to play!!

    We are actually going to San Diego this weekend to catch the Chargers/Red Skins game and I was looking online for any good Ukulele dealers out there hopefully I can pick up a Ukulele while I'm out there! But your right family can always "Pau-et" me a Ukulele hahhaa my dad has a Kamaka but he leaves it at his friends house cause they always bbq there.
    I was in Winnipeg, MB Canada...now I'm in Edmonton, AB Canada (where there's actual mountains to snowboard)...haha...i was taking nursing at the University of Manitoba at the same time psychology...I finished my BA in psychology and religion..and decided to finish up my nursing at the University of Alberta...haha...i'm staying put in Alberta with my uke in hand..see you on the threads!!
    omgoodness I was reading some posts...something about a scammer...and some haters hahah...and yes I was going to school...Finished that and now I'm back to school in another city....UU is getting bigger by the second.....anyways good to hear everything is good on your front...i'm definitely staying for awhile...its keeping me sane!!
    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So i've recently been pulled into UU again..hahaha for a while now...lol....Things have changed..since when do we have over 400 members online at one time??? hahah how are things?
    We use the term "swing shift" in the military for those hours. I guess it's applicable to the private sector.
    Hey kanaka,
    sorry for the late reply, im in the natomas area, and go to inderkum high school. as of right now im not completely sure how to go about leading the club. any helpful suggestions to make it run smoothly?
    hey kanaka916,
    my names joshua, i live in sac and am in highschool. i recently started a ukulele club and told the UU staff. they sent me some stickers which were amazing and told me to maybe contact you for help on the club since your so local. any help would be great, thanks!
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