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  • norm says howzit haha

    btw ukulele class isnt bad...i learned how to small kine strum and pick happy birthday on my first lesson lol...we'll see what this week brings...aite shootz
    thanks for your help with the "north shore uke shops"
    check out the thread for picks of what i got :)
    ey howzit...ho brah 444 post shat...mmhmmm goin home from the grill to get ready for work....hahaha...jk...aite well see ya tues if not fri...shootz
    It's gotta be tough to pick on ukes that have more than four strings. I've never played one though, so I wouldn't know. Good luck, man.

    No hurry about the CD, bro. Whenever is fine.

    I don't have Jake's "Hula Girls." If you think I'd like it, send it on over.

    Thanks again, man.

    Thanks seeso, now I just gotta learn how to do some picking. Brain to finger reaction gets slow as you age. Most of the time, just strum and try to sing. I'm still working on your disc, but not to worry - you'll have it hopefully after the 4th. Do you have Jake's "Hula Girls"?
    Eh, nice. thanks brah. Boy, you quick.

    I finally figured out the "profile picture" and the "avatar". Much mahalo.
    I brought in a picture into my profile but I can't get it to appear with my name. So I went back to where I got it from and cropped it, to 100 x 100 and it still didn't work. What could be the problem?
    Thanks Dan for posting pics and helping me with the ad. Hope I get back early wed for join u guys.
    eh, gimme call tomorrow. going need help fo put my kamaka in da market place. u no me, cumputer ilitrat.
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