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  • Considering it's an 8 string and one new Kamaka 4 string go fo just under a grand, I would say ya. Put a feeler out in the marketplace and see how it goes.
    Eh if you can get one good price for 'um and you like the sound monster, get 'um. Check out Keonepax's new video My Cherie Amour and he playing one Kanile'a SM.
    eh, wat u tink? should i sell my kama fo get da kanilea soun mansta? i get da kala 6. nuts o wat?
    Eh Dan, I dunno how fo do um, but maybe u can post one piktcha of reynoldo lapuz and wiiliam hung fo da wes coas in da battle of da coases. Try checkum out. get sum funee pics. Espeshalee da 1 from deach, vanilla ice. Crak me up.
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