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    Christmas Cheer

    Mele Kalikimaka to all the members of UU. Have a joyful holiday season with your families and friends. Be safe and we'll see you in the new year! Aloha!
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    International Play Seeso Loud Day

    I took this off of FB to share with the UU membership. Much Mahalos to Alex Boon for posting this and explaining what is happening with Seeso. So please, if you would, a silent prayer to wish him nothing but the best in this fight. It is DECLARED that Monday, December 12th, 2016 is officially...
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    New discoveries - at least for me!

    When you reply to a post, look for the icon that has a globe with chain link. Click on it and a window will appear where you enter the URL of the page/site you're linking to. Hit OK and the link will be posted.
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    Eternal Threads: tips on deleting posts

    I think this is what you're asking. Go to the tool bar on top of the 1st posting and click on Thread Tools > select Unsubscribe from this thread . . .
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    String Sale

    . . . 15% off storewid sale @ Strings & Beyond
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    Pure Heart

    After their 14 year reunion in December, Pure Heart continued with a special appearance on HiSessions. Here's Lopaka Colon (percussions and bird calls), Jake Shimabukuro (ukulele) and Jon Yamasato (guitar and vocals) performing a live version of Herb Ohta's "Bodysurfing" . . .
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    RIP Joe

    Joe Cocker passed at the age of 70. Another artist from the 70's with hits like "The Letter", "With A Little Help From Myr Friends", “You Are So Beautiful”, and 1983’s duet with Jennifer Warnes “Up Where We Belong”.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    . . . Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i (pronounced how-oh-lay la ho-o-ma-key-kah-ee) to all the members of Ukulele Underground. Enjoy the festivities of the upcoming holiday weekend with family, loved ones and friends. Stay safe!
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    Kris Fuchigami in Concert Oct 24th & 25th

    . . . at the Strum Shop in Roseville @ 7 PM and at the DaSilva Ukulele Company in Berkeley on the 25th. Not sure of the time at DaSilva's but most likely 7 PM. Friday, October 24, 2014 The Strum Shop 408 Roseville Square Roseville, California Saturday, October 25, 2014 Dasilva Ukulele Co...
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    Revamped Ukulossary

    I have no idea how many members use the glossary or if it's even needed. Anyway, I've re-worked the glossary and need your opinions/comments. If a term needs to be added, let me know through this thread.
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    Aldrine & Aaron . . .

    last night at the Strum Shop . . .
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    Aldrine & Aaron

    . . . with Dom last night @ the Strum Shop
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    Aldrine & Aaron . . .

    last night at the Strum Shop . . .
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    AG playing . . .

    this evening and tomorrow at the Strum Shop in Roseville, CA. C Y'all there. . .
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    Guadalupe Customs Strings

    . . . anyone know if they closed down? Their web page has been taken down and the last entry on FB is from Dec 2012. Pretty sure this previously asked and not sure if there were any replies. Any info will be appreciated. Much Mahalos . . .