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  • Hey brother,
    No problem at all. I've been playing for almost 3 years right. I've learnt that playing by your self and watching YT clips are 1 of the foundations of learning. 2nd foundation that i found is probably the quickest way to learn n 2build up your confidence is playing with other ukers. 3rd would be playing at an open mic. I highly suggest if you have the option to play at an open mic. Do it. Its rewarding and extremely fun. Hawaiian suppa man would be great for an open mic. I can't sing. i wish i could mate -im horrible. Im looking into expanding my music to different genres. Jakes songs are too common and too many people know how to play it. Thats why i wanted to learn the hawaiian suppa man. I learned hawaiian suppa man by this clip. Download it. Pause and stop or slow it down. It helped heaps. Try learning a slow song, then fast then mix it up! How long you been jamming for?
    Hey bro
    Your too kind buddy!! Yeah i wanted to choke him out, but I swallowed what he said and tried not to let it get to me. Yes 12 days learning that song. It was real hard! If you need any help, i can try and tab it out for you maybe? maybe a couple sessions on skype or something - up to you. More than happy to help a brother out.
    Thanks for your kind words man, Your msg made my day. I've got a huge grin now.
    Let me know if you need any help
    the song pattern is in the Key of Am.
    CHord shapes are Am, G, F, E7
    Let me know what your stuck on and ill help you out.
    hahahaha, i think i stereotyped you a bit too much . Though you were some quiet ukulele player!! Yeh in footy, I fit into that category... But! I aint black, white. :p G's aye? I'm form Campbelltown, home of the G's!! North gong is good, heaps of my teachers go there.. kinda awkward, but they r sweet!! Yeah i aint relying on a UAI LmFao.. <30?!?! I'm expecting less than 30 lmfao.. i got 12/100 for english ;) actually i got 70%, but my report says 12%!! whooooo .. haha yeh mature age ftw.
    cans the night before? hahaha... fk .. ima walk in with the hookers from the night before..!! :D :D
    haha you know Campbelltown? Don't stereotype me!! :D :D
    oh yeah? well if i go to wollongong uni, guess we'll see each other around.
    I'm doing p.e.. need a UAI of 80, so probably won't get that. Engineering aye? my mate got that today, unconditionally.
    But I'm down Wollongong a lot, family lives down there and they have some good clubs. :p
    You moving to wollongong man? I want to go to University of Wollongong. UNSW is in Sydney is it? I live half way in between Wollongong and Sydney... what u studying?
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