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    Vacuum bridge clamping

    Bob, from 2:28 in the vid I posted, you can see the jig I made, super simple. Its a 3/4” plywood frame, with bladder material from LMI wrapped and stapled on the top, and a tire valve with cross slots cut into it with a hacksaw. There no “seal” per se, and the bladder itself sticks to the...
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    Source of curly walnut and curly maple tenor ukulele neck blanks

    Most of my maple comes from Northwest Timber ( Nice figured walnut as well. I usually don’t use “Red Heart” Maple for the neck, just the bodies because its not always easy to come by. If its a Maple body, its a maple neck. I have a custom neckthrough bass out of Birdseye...
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    Neck blank prep -tenor

    I work it at full thickness, including the scarf joint, which is usually 3/4”+, depends if I laminate the neck heel or not (usually I do). This measurement, plus 3 x 1/16” heel laminations put the neck heel right about the 2 1/2” heel block I use, minus the radius, plus the top and back...
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    Precision Circle Cutter

    Been loosely working on a jig like this in my mind, for years, based on the Bishop Cochran, but with other than Bosch routers. Didn't need the plunge feature, more the circle cutting feature. Looks like I'm not the only one thinking of this. Now I can just buy one, but better. Aluminum, with...
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    Hot Hide Glue and Vacuum Clamping

    Not sure if it's the cross grain, but for sure it's the vacuum press AND hhg. I will say this, when the strips with hhg hit the quilted maple back, there's enough water in the glue that actually made the back convex up. I had to press it the opposite direction into the mold, cover it with...
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    Hot Hide Glue and Vacuum Clamping

    Blending “old” tech with “new” tech. HHG, vacuum clamped in a radius mold.
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    What's happening in your shed?

    I guess I could, but no. I think this is a form follows function, for me. Honestly, most don’t even notice it, unless its brought up. Note: this is also the reason for the most difficult joint I do - headstock binding/purfling and fretboard binding/purfling. Again, most don’t notice.
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Ha, I had to check. It’s a little less than 1/8”. This one is closer to 3/32” on a .200” fretboard. For reference, that’s a 1/8” saddle blank in the pic. The unbound one in the background is closer to 1/8”, about .110”.
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    End Graft?

    I had a jig similar to John's, which works well. Now I do it similar to Dave and Mike. I use the actual end graft and treat it like an inlay, by scribing outside the end graft then chiseling out. I used to route it out, but it's just too easy to do it by hand. Unlike Mike, I use the wider...
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    Guidelines for posting in Tech Talk

    I've seen a number of posts recently that, admittedly, provide comic relief and a possible "shake the head" reaction. Silence may seem like consent, but lately, especially in Tech Talk (and sometimes the Lounge), its not. Lots of misinformation going out there, which IMHO, can deteriorate the...
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    Bevels - credit where it is due

    Conversation came up today in a closed luthier group, so I thought I'd throw it out there for those that don't know. Fill in the Blank: At one point in time, when an instrument had a bevel installed, it was generally known as the _________ Bevel. Note: if you know, you know. But I think...
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    Headstock preference - Single Sided, or . . .

    I always support the guild. Ask them tomorrow. Funny that a you mention waves. Since you're from here, you should know who this is.
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    Headstock preference - Single Sided, or . . .

    This is not a poll just for discussion, although discussion is certainly welcome. I'd appreciate your input to grab stats on current preferences for headstock design. I, along with some other builders, do different headstocks, and I don't think it's common to do so, outside of doing slotted...
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    New Aaron Oya Spruce/Koa (and Koa) Tenor

    Dave, I tried loading it directly, but seem my iPad isn't allowing it right now. Trying again.