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  • Thanks for the inspiration though. Figured I'd give a try. I'll just have to study your Leonard Cohen instruction more and see what I can manage myself.
    And you know, you're not wrong about Bauhaus.
    Twas indeed an art movement. And then there was an '80s band.
    Have a great Christmas, and a fantastic time at NAMM!

    So, do you take requests?
    I'd recently caught your Mmmbop as Leonard Cohen would perform it, as well as your tutorial on Leonard Cohen strum patterns. Noob that I am, I'm some way from managing something like this. So, when I was listening to the Bauhaus song "Spirit" this morning en route to work, I decided it needed the El Cohen treatment and found myself wondering how Ken Middleton might do it? And would Ken Middleton do it?

    Samantha, an old Bauhaus fan who grew up to be a Leonard Cohen fan.

    Just wanted to say thanks...again...for all of your work on the bluegrass tabs...Moved on from BBerry Blossom to I am a pilgrim....which btw is a great lil tune!...That bluegrass e-book is the best money Ive spent in a long time!

    Take Care

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'm around wishing every a happy Thanksgiving. I don't know if that works for you, being an American holiday and all, but have a great day anyway!
    I just got done watching your video of Boots of Spanish Leather.

    It brought a tear to my eye.

    Thank you

    Sorry to use this forum but I can't find your address in my regular account: Your uke is ready to go together. I am sick with 'flu at pesent. Could you phone me on 07811054584?
    Ken, could you help a UU member out on the Uke Talk forum? He's asking about access to your review of a particular Ohana uke....
    Hey Ken, i was just watching your video about the Kala Archtop tenor Uke. How's it been treating you?? I just ordered one myself and was wondering what your opinions have been on it thus far.

    Thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed explanation. I hope that I can "pass it on" sometime in the future.

    Thank you again for your graciousness.
    Thanks Ken. I was trying to follow your youtube video and I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

    How do you determine what fingers to use when fretting the tabs? I've just been using mostly my index finger if the tabs are nearby each other.
    Ken, on your tabs for The Minstrel Boy on the fifth bar (?) and a few more times during the song your tabs show 010 on the 2nd string. Does that mean you hit the open 2nd for a sixteenth then tab the first fret, 2nd string and release for the open 2nd again?
    Also, how do yo determine what finger(s) to use for each tab?

    I apologize since I'm new to this.
    Hi Ken, I really like your version of Just Like Heaven on YouTube. I'd like to give it a shot myself - could you post the chords?

    This song has been discussed before and folks have posted A/E/Bmin/D as the main sequence, but those don't sound right to me.
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