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  • Quite alright! Just checking that you'd recieved it so I wouldn't come across as rude.

    I'll let you know if my plans change but it's not too likely. If not then we'll meet up sometime in the not too distant future.

    Ken, I'm off to the UWC tomorrow. Wish you could be there. You'll be missed. How's everything?
    Hey Ken I am looking for some new ukulele strings for ADF#B tuning, do you know of any good ones ?
    i just now discovered your youtube site and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed watching your videos. You are like one of the Kahuna's of the uke. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.
    Thanks Ken - I hope you do the bluegrass tab book. That would be warmly received! Now, on with the practice. I just got Ken Timm's reject uke (auctioned on cosmos) set up by Pete Howlett and I can't put it down.
    Hello Ken - I have a couple of questions about your bluegrass reel. In bar 12, is G# bent up or down, or do you alternate? Andi n bars 17 -22, do you damp the strings for the quaver rest or let them ring on? I guess I should experiment and suit myself, but while I'm learning the tune, I'd welcome a couple of signposts.

    Thank you
    hey i live in tamworth,not far away lol . I saw one of your vids on youtube (knocking on heavens door,its brill! )
    Hi Ken, I just checked out youtube, and saw and heard The Minstel Boy. I loved it and have been looking for tabs. Do ye know where I could find these tabs? The Minstrel Boy - "To the war has gone in the ranks of death you will find him . . ." Thanks for being so awesome! Judging by those fingernails, I surmise you play classical guitar as well.
    Bravo and a Knighthood for the mmmbop! I have enjoyed your reviews on you tube, speaking of reviews have you tried orkas strings from Japan? I will soon have a set but just wondered what you thought...Ah to be in England with a Ukulele and a crunchie bar...
    Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I watched your video on how to play the music of Leonard Cohen. I've already gotten the hang of most of the picking patterns, and it's only been a day! Thanks for that little tutorial.
    my purchase of the kanilea k-1 tenor had to do a lot with your review my friend. i thank you =)!
    i know koa is never the same but i loved the one i got haha
    Hey Ken, I saw your review on the mahogany Pono with the spruce top (I ended up getting the PTS-E), and I just wanted to let you know I bought this ukulele in part because of your review on youtube. Let me tell you it sounds as beautiful as it looks. Thank you very much :)
    Hi Ken! I saw all your reviews on Youtube and just wanted to say "thank you"! they are very, very helpful. and i second experimentjon, hurray for Kanileas!
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