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    Risa electric ukes

    Oops sorry. Thinking about my Risa Stick.
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    Hi from new member in NJ

    I find Fremont BlackLine mediums to be pretty easy on the hands. Very bendy.
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    Risa electric ukes

    They are fun electric ukes. Not having a headstock takes some getting used to—maybe 1/2 hr. I take my tenor when I travel. It fits in my suitcase and I can play it in the hotel room and not disturb my wife or the the people in the adjacent rooms. The only downside is changing the strings. It...
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    Ukulele/ Bluegrass festival?

    When I went two years ago it was fun to see some of the Bluegrass acts. Though I did tire of the electric saw after a few songs. A lot of spontaneous Bluegrass jams going on in the Hotel. Not so much with ukes. Lil' Rev had some excellent seminars and an outstanding performance. All-in-all an...
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    2015 Kamaka HF3 Tenor Ukulele

    Where in Wisconsin?
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    Brace yourself...

    Check out David Ingalls', of Ono Ukuleles, blog about his new "flying buttress" ukuleles. A somewhat radical departure in bracing and builds.
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    Brace yourself...

    I think that the fact that most concert and tenor, and even soprano ukes now have two-piece backs and soundboards must have affected the way they are braced. I would think that the fretboards that sit on the upper part of the soundboard will also affect the bracing. Solid kerfing is also very...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Depends on the wooden uke. The inside of the body is not finished. It's raw wood. As are most fretboards and bridges. The thin soundboard is the most vulnerable part of a ukulele. If it gets a little damp on the outside and you wipe it off quickly, most lkely there won't be a problem. If it gets...
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    Brace yourself...

    I have owned a 2004 Ko'Aloha Crown Bridge tenor; currently own a 2017 KTM-00; and had the opportunity to play and compare a 2019(?) KTM-00. The unibrace has indeed evolved. The 2004 was fairly thick and positioned close to the sound hole. The 2017 was thinner, the hole was bigger, and it was...
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    Taropatch Brands

    There's a 1920s Martin 1M Taropatch on offer at It has had some repairs. No sound samples though.
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    Rebel Invictus NUD

    Hope your finger heals quickly. The Invictus looks like a lovely instrument. Sounded good in the sound sample I heard by SUS?
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    First concert since the lockdown

    Awesome! That's the best price there is.
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    Greetings from a rain swept Lancashire

    Hi CJY Welcome to the UU Forum. I was saved from my photography affliction when it all went digital. I sold most of my film-based stuff for pennies on the dollar. Bought the bare necessities for a camera. Upgraded twice as the resolution got better and better. But I found that 1) I like photos...
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    Hi from new member in NJ

    Wlcome to the UU Forum Jim! Yep, another arthritis player here. I play tenors. I've found a low action and bendy strings helps a lot.
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    Ukuleles in Las Vegas

    Good Point