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    Bringing an end to Yrs of frustration.

    I have been trying to get rid of white noise in my videos for years. It’s kinda my fault, I have never bought super high quality mics, but this video and app just changed the game. In fact I posted a video yesterday in “links and videos” on this site with horrific white noise. However, I just...
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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    Shipping Question

    I just moved and my new place has all the mailboxes together in a location when you enter. There is a package box, but it is not large enough for more ukes! I figure some of you live in the sticks like me now, what are my options? Thank you so much for any feed back!
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    Wont Back Down - Pono Bari - High D
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    Pono Acacia Baritone Nui

    I will be receiving this: On Thursday. I’m super excited and there are no regrets, but I’m not sure what I’m getting into. I have been listening to Justin Johnson play this: And it had me...
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    Brand new Blackstar Fly Acoustic Amp

    Bought this and never used it. I prefer to plug into my computer. New condition. Paid about $120 on reverb. Will let it go for $80 and free shipping. PayPal only. Tenor Hard Case trades welcome too depending on the quality. Here are pics: Happy...
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    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    Happy Holidays.
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    Loudest Tenor Ukes

    Wouldn’t mind some 2020 opinions on the loudest tenor Uke you’ve ever played. Thanks a bunch!
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    Desperado Cover

    Desperado on my Enya X2K.
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    Kanile’a KSR - T (New bracing)

    2019 Kanile’a KSR-T Premium with new Tru-R Bracing. Purchased at the end of December 2019 from HMS. I had HMS add a second strap button as well as install an MiSi pickup. In superb condition, plays like a dream. Currently strung high G with D’addario Titanium strings. I will include Uke Logic...
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    Flea Concert (Blue)

    Blue concert Flea. Fantastic condition strung with high G Living Water strings. Comes with nice Kala gig bag. $170.00 Ships free CONUS Here are pictures: Thanks for your time.
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    NUD Enya X2K Tenor

    Here’s a quick NUD on a uke I’m shocked I love.... I had to sell an expensive uke I had just received due to the loss of income over lockdown. I decided I still wanted a new Uke, even if it was A LOT less money. Enya does a great job getting their ukes into peoples hands I watch online. I...
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    Blackbird Farallon Sunburst Tenor 2020

    THIS UKE IS SOLD! Brand New 2020 Blackbird Farallon Sunburst Tenor. This Ukulele has only been out of its original packaging once for pictures and you will receive it in its original packaging with a (included by Blackbird) RBX Reunion Blue gig bag and MiSi charger. Blackbird began building...
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    Just wanted to cast out some love

    I’m not too active here lately for obvious reasons, but I just wanted say I’m sending strength, happiness and healing vibes to my fellow Ukulele lovers. Hopefully our little buddies are able to bring all of you a little more light than usual in these dark times. Take care.
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    Previous Dead Link Alive

    I posted this before, but I had Vimeo complications. It’s unfortunately now somewhat similar to a vid I just posted, cause I thought I lost this one. Raw recording straight from my iPad. Originally, I was just looking to post an unplugged Kanile’a vid. Decided to repost for the hell of it. I’m...