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  • yea.. that was me at the jam.. You did fine. Im a newbie too bro... we gotta do that again
    sup kid.. i just hit you with a sub on your youtube.. did you find that pin on your back? i found it on my hat.. and put it on your back.. ha.. we need to make that jam down at the beach something we do more.. i know AG wont be there.. but it would still be cool.. i am thinking of how to make it happen.. if i could get all the peoples e-mail that were there..
    Porto used to be more laid back....older and beginning surfers. The Pier had some gnarly currents and if you were gong to shoot through the pier, it was a good idea to now what you were doing.
    The surf teams (RB, Mira Costa and Aviation all had them...I think South Torrance too0 would compete 100 yards south of the MB Pier.
    Man, good days....
    My Mom lives in Hollywood, so I take my kids to visit her every year: We stay at the Sea Sprite in's like stepping back into the 60s....MB has gotten way too upscale, I couldn't afford to live there.
    That's not too far from me. But the traffic getting there HELLA sucks. What are your plans for Friday afternoon? I might be able to find some jam time after work.
    Hey dude. Where in the bay are you gonna be at? I'm pretty much down to jam depending on where you'll be.
    But i saw from ur thread that ur here from
    thursday to sunday and i think
    that ill be busy this weekend ''/
    ill go check and let ya know
    I traded 2 hour commutes (one way) for 15 minutes, a 2500 sq ft home for one that was 4500 sq ft (with pool) for half the mortgage payment, schools I couldn't afford that couldn't teach my kids, for great (and inexpensive) schools...I miss the surf though, can't surf the Ohio River.
    I grew up in Manhattan Beach...went to Aviation High School...didn't play uke then, played sax and clarinet...used to play a lot of jazz at the clubs at the bottom of Beach Blvd...I think they are also gone now
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