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  • I believe I was standing right by you for a while. And you were busy playing. So I didn't get a chance to say "Hi I'm Rob". So sad.
    I'm up by Valparaiso. So the Indy area is not undoable. Time will tell.
    Hey Jill :)
    I just found you here on UU, too!
    G'day from Jen in Oz ... great to meet you at the last UWC - hope you'll be there again in 2011 !
    Is this you, Jill? I just found you here on UU, too. :) Do you make YouTube videos, too?
    Elle est geniale cette photo! What a great picture of the best Jill in the world, so happy to find you my blues Sis'
    Hey there

    I was just checking out the UWC thread and was pleased to see someone else from Indy on board. My wife Lonna (ukeindy) and I are on the northwest side. We'll be at the Salt Creek Inn for the Congress.

    Happy Saturday!
    Just thought I'd say hey.
    So hey!

    I'm up by Valpo. Always nice to find other people from Indiana
    Yup, we are open 10 to 4, Mon to Friday and have been working weekends alot too. Give me a call at 812-988-6760 when you know when you might stop by and we will be sure to be here.
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