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    I Know Three Chords!

    You want to know how to really use three chords well, learn about six or seven songs, learn how to use your pinkie to vary those chords and get a much more musical rocking sound, take Stu Fuchs’ remarkably inexpensive Rockabilly course. Such a deal and so much fun.
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    Kala U Bass should it be considered as a Ukulele

    Okay, I listened. Beautiful instrument, the Allegro Bassino. Listen and see if you like the sound. I think it’s surprisingly loud for its size. The bloke playing seems to have no trouble getting his fingers around the frets. To me it seems most appropriate for a Renaissance setting, not the...
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    Kala U Bass should it be considered as a Ukulele

    Thank you. Looks beautiful. Would love to hear how it sounds.
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    Kala U Bass should it be considered as a Ukulele

    I love my ubass because it it small. Using it for recording through some minor effects serious bass players can’t believe it’s not a bass. I started playing ukulele because it was smaller than a guitar; I play baritone and tenor. So, call it what you will. I call it a really nice sound if...
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    Memorizing the fretboard

    One thing that is very important is to know how to locate chord tones. Know where the third, fifth, sixth and b7 are. Then you don’t need to learn scales. These tones are located in patterns. What becomes important then is just knowing where the root note lays. Learning the root notes then...
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    WTB used Fluke Timber bass

    No, not the fretless. Actually I found a used Kala solid body for under $400 on Ebay and I’m very happy with it. If I purchase a Timber it will be to travel with. Thanks
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    Weissenborn Question

    what a beauty!
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    Just signed up

    Just signed up for a new Paul Wolfe course on Donald Duck Dunn, Booker T.’s bassist. Really my favorite style of bass playing. Greatly looking forward to the course. Paul has let out snippets and they’re really nice. Once again can’t say enough about Paul Wolfe. Currently working on his...
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    If you were taking a dream vacation to Hawaii...

    Sekiguchi=stone door
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    Ordered Galli black coated nylon core bass uke strings

    And then how do you set the bridge to get correct intonation?
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    Ordered Galli black coated nylon core bass uke strings

    Mike, Is that by any chance one of those Mini basses from Ebay? If so, how was the initial sound? Obviously, you’re making some adjustments. Touch photo below.
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    got Hawaiian shirts?

    I’ve got a whole collection size of men’s Large that I’d like to sell say for $4 a piece, all different shirts, vintage. Stuff that I liked the looks of. I keep them in a box in my bedroom closet. I haven’t counted them. Is there anyone out there interested in buying in bulk and paying shipping...
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    McCartney bass style lessons

    I appreciate that. Paul Wolfe a bargain and a great teacher and a very nice and funny person.
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    McCartney bass style lessons

    It might seem a little confusing at first but what he means by devices are common bass patterns which he systematically teaches. For example R-R-3-5, which in the Key of C is C-C-E-G If you know where the root D is you just play the same finger pattern to get the same pattern, device, in...
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    McCartney bass style lessons

    I can’t say enough about how great Paul Wolfe’s bass courses are. I’ve worked my way through several and have greatly improved and in short time and while having fun. He just released a new McCartney course wherein he begins where Mac began, with roots, fifths and root octaves. Wolfe avoids...