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    Step by step passive pickup installation on a Mele Soprano Ukulele

    Hi folks, I decided to do some DIY this weekend and took some photos along the way. In the background is the Mele Kalia Soprano Ukulele (solid cedar top) being played, and I give a sound sample of the amplified sound towards the end. Hope you find it helpful!
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    Banjo tuner on tenor?

    If they are heavier, then the concern is the instrument becoming top heavy, which is not ideal
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    Banjo tuner on tenor?

    I don't expect them to be much different in weight compared to normal geared tuners. Gotoh UPT tuners that are popular on ukuleles are essentially the same thing.
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    Guitalele Radius Fretboard?

    I think guitarlele is still favourable to small hands as much as the ukulele, given that by guitar standards it is still considered small. If you're used to ukuleles that are non-radiused, then you'll probably find a non-radiused guitarlele fretboard easier to adapt to. Radiuses have nothing...
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    Guitalele Radius Fretboard?

    Radiused fretboards... excellent if you play it like an acoustic guitar (steel string). Flat fretboards... excellent if you play it like a classical guitar. I prefer flat fretboards. The Radius means the action is set higher at each end and lower at the middle and you can't really adjust it out...
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    Mele as of recent

    Coincidentally I had a chance encounter with a used Mele Kalia Soprano Ukulele from 1998 and purchased it (local music store had a Black Friday sale). It was for sale at a great price and sounded great (loud and clear) with a solid cedar top. The sticker inside the sound hole reads "Kalia...
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    string advice for unusual tenor setup? (non-reentrant DGBE)

    It would be too floppy.
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    Can you play only on the fretboard?

    There are so many techniques for guitar and ukulele out there, and what she mentioned isn't all that rare among guitar players. It's like going up to a sushi chef at his/her restaurant and saying it would be great for the restaurant if they served hot dogs. edit: One handed playing:
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    What is your favorite Koa uke that is not a K brand :)

    My favorite is this VOX Hello Kitty ukulele made of solid Koa:
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    string advice for unusual tenor setup? (non-reentrant DGBE)

    As Jim said above, ADGB strings out of a classical guitar string set should achieve DGBE tuning on Tenor ukuleles. I recently shared on another thread other tunings possible using classical guitar strings: I actually have a Concert ukulele tuned low DGBE by using Aquila's Tenor DGBE set...
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    Strings Baritone Strings

    Aquila and some other brands make a GCEA set for baritone ukulele. Alternatively, you can get a light tension classical guitar set and use the DGBE strings to tune up to GCEA (low G). However, in my experience I find that octave GCEA (one whole octave lower) works better on Baritone ukuleles...
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    Strings What diameter string to achieve a low C tuning instead of low G?

    Get a set of Classical Guitar Strings (normal tension should do). The 4th to 1st strings (DGBE) tune up to GCEA (low G) on Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles. The 5th to 2nd strings (ADGB) tune up to DGBE (baritone ukulele) on Tenor and Baritone ukuleles. The 6th to 3rd strings (EADG) tune up...
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    Low G on a Soprano?

    Works just fine. All there is to it.
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    Pickups and live sound

    Personally I'd want to install a good passive undersaddle piezo pickup if possible. Which one you can install will depend on the size and dimensions of the uke, in particular the size of the saddle and saddle groove on the bridge. If you are not confident installing one yourself, get in touch...
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    Pickups and live sound

    -1 from me. I have had the iRig Acoustic Stage for many years. Owned more than 1 in fact. The major flaw is that they are quite cumbersome and fiddly. You will have wires coming off you, and have to find a way to mount the large walkie-talkie module on you. It is also quite prone to feedback...
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