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    No idea why, but one of my cats loves sitting in my ukulele case. See photo below. (Click to make it larger). I open the case and take out my Moore Bettah, and my cat almost immediately takes its place. And he will stay in it until I kick him out to put the ukulele away. He fits prrrrrfectly...
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    Can you believe I performed this on the Great Wall of China !?!?

    That's me in the video below, a little over a month ago, while in 18 degree (fahrenheit) weather, on the Great Wall of China. I played a song that I had previously recorded in a studio, for a recently released benefit album called "Born To Uke" - to benefit Little Kids Rock (who fund music...
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    Madonna's uke: what is this?

    Anyone recognize what make of ukulele this is? Shape of head stock is clear, but I don't recognize it. Btw...this is Madonna performing at a charity event yesterday. She later contributed the ukulele to the live auction. In true Madonna style and...
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    Air ukulele defense clears man of indecency charges

    In yesterday's news: "Scottish man beats masturbating rap with air ukulele defense...he was stroking an instrument but it was only a ukulele."
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    Legal battle over ukulele orchestra name

    Interesting news today:
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    POLL RESULTS: Can u tell difference, koa v spruce

    Ok, here is the answer: the first ukulele is spruce and the second one is Koa - the opposite of what the majority of people guessed in the poll! Which was that two-thirds of people guessed that the first uke in the recording was Koa, when it was not. My view on all this? I feel my spruce Moore...
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    Poll: Can u tell difference - koa vs spruce?

    Can you tell which of the two ukes in the sound sample below has a Koa top (with Koa back and sides) and which is the Spruce top (with milo back and sides)? --> Both are Moore Bettah's and both recorded with no EQ. Both have the same gauge Worth clears on first three strings. --> One uke plays...
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    What do 2 Moore Bettah ukes sound like?

    After acquiring my second Moore Bettah in 2013, I promised luthier Chuck Moore I would record a song of his choosing. He sent me a list of three songs - old jazz tunes. I finally got around to honoring my commitment to him recently, picking the 1938 Hoagy Carmichael song to record from his list...
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    Ukulele Spelunking (a new sport?)

    It's kind of the ukulele version of spelunking. Sounds great. Looks fun.
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    Only $219 ? How is this possible? (Not a Moore Bettah, but...)

    Followup report: just returned from Mexico. The Gretsch turned out to be a worthy companion - proving more than sufficient. And what it lacks in sound and playability (compared to my Moore Bettah 's) was made up for in my ability to completely relax with it, in a relatively challenging...
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    Only $219 ? How is this possible? (Not a Moore Bettah, but...)

    I own two Moore Bettah ukuleles, neither of which I felt comfortable to take to a tropical beach resort we're vacationing at in April. So thought it was time to try and find something that would be pleasing to play and hear, but at a price that wouldn't bother me if the uke got completely...
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    ukuleles made from stage floorboards

    How cool is this: "Stanford music Professor Stephen Sano salvaged Alaskan yellow cedar scraps from the concert hall construction site and commissioned twin ukuleles." Built by Rick Turner. Video here:
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    Great Ukulele band

    I know this is a couple of years old, but don't recall seeing any mention of them here. So thought you all might get a big kick out of this video from the Ooks of Hazzard: Great sound.
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    Opihi Moe Moe

    Anyone know where to obtain a tab for Opihi Moe Moe?
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    Ukulele Flash mob

    A group of Marin ukulele players gathered without notice in a mall food court a few days ago, here in the SF Bay area.