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    Parlor guitar search

    Arrived yesterday, just in time for Santa to gift it to me! Still not sure how I was able to get it to Florida from Thomann cheaper than any US dealer.
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    Christmas music

    Every video game has a boss. For Christmas I think it is “Christmas time is here”
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    Happiness equation

    I noticed that I am happiest when playing the banjo uke. Funny thing is, for some reason that's when the people around me seem to be the LEAST happy. Hmmm??
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    Medical MJ where do you stand

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    Mandola (Mandolin)

    Gold Tone has some decent stuff and has nice quality control too. I actually started on the mandolin before the ukulele. I still mess around with it. Just past 2000 something I got one of those Asian Over the Top Inlaid instruments. It is a mandola. Boy, if looks could kill!! Griffins all over...
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    Medical MJ where do you stand

    Now I'm seeing signs for Delta 8. Has anyone tried this, and what were your results?
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    Best Guitar for kids

    Unless she already plays, I would go for a tenor guitar or a baritone ukulele. The learning curve is not as steep. Its important to get the first three chords down right away or else the student will lose interest. When I was about 8 or 9 I got a "Hondo" guitar for Christmas. Neck like a...
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    What ukulele players do you like to listen to, and where you do find their music?

    I've got a CD from the early 2000's by a band called Hulabilly. Its mostly standards but still gets a lot of play. Locally there is a band called Big Pineapple that is worth checking out if you find yourself on the beach in Northeast Florida.
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    Strings for a bass

    KohanMike is definitely the expert here on uke basses. I'm not a big fan of the rubbery ones, I prefer something that feels a bit more traditional:
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    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    Is this going to be like that "what are your left hand fingers doing" thread? Am I going to go home and find the uke sliding all around on my leg tonight? Just a warning, if that happens, my pants are coming off.
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    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    Back to the original problem of the uke sliding around. Maybe this would work too? But now it would be even MORE imperative that you remove your pants...
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    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    With his little ukulele in his hand....
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    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    Try taking off your pants
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    What do you put on wooden pegs to make them work better?

    In a pinch, I have used violin rosin to stop the slipping.
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    How manufacturers can encourage UAS

    I think you should really lean on the homebuilders. Stop all this nonsense about "guest rooms" and give the people what they really want - a ukulele wing !!!