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    My new Mya Moe is on its way!

    After just over a year of waiting, my new Mya Moe is on its way. :D It is a striped myrtle tenor classic with a Port Orford cedar neck and a maple fretboard and bridge. Based on the pictures, I think it came out great...
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    Mya Moe website down

    FYI: The Mya Moe website is down. I've not been able to open it all day.
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    We will miss you, Tom!

    I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Magliozzi, the older brother of the Car Talk duo. I did not always agree with him, but he was always good for a big laugh. I'm envious of his ability to take life easy and with a big grain of salt. Always remember his self proclaimed motto, ...
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    What is that uke player's hand sign

    At the end of a lot of ukulele videos I see the player flash a hand sign to the camera. It looks a lot like the deaf sign for the letter "Y" with the thumb and little fingers out to the sides of the hand with the other fingers curled in. It is usually done with the palm toward the player's body...
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    Workshops with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel in Charlotte, NC this Sunday

    Craig Chee and Srah Maisel will be doing workshops in Charlotte, NC on Sunday afternoon Sept. 7 (this Sunday) in Charlotte NC. I should have listed earlier, but just realized no one else had done so.
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    James Hill's fingernails

    How long or short does James Hill keep his fingernails? I've tried to glean it from his videos I've seen, but the info is not generally forthcoming. Most Fingerstyle ukulele players tend to keep their fingernails quite long. But I saw one close-up of his hands that showed his nails quite...
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    Any mathematics fans?

    I found a Numberphile video where they first "sing a Google" (which is one followed by 100 zeros) and then fail to sing a Googleplex (which is ten to the Google power). Of course, this is all accompanied by ukulele. Who says mathematicians aren't creative.
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    "Lord of the Strings" ukulele clock

    I found this on Café Press:,1059067169
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    Handy Pick Holder

    Do you alternate between flat pick and finger style playing? What do you do with the pick when you are playing fingerstyle? I needed a way to store it that is easily retrievable. Pants pockets are just too much trouble. I heard that the Langley Ukulele Ensemble uses a handy trick. They wrap a...
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    Straight grain vs. curly?

    I'm debating between using straight grain wood or curly wood for my next instrument top. I will probably be using koa, mango or myrtle for the top wood. All things being equal, is there a tonal difference between the straight grain and the curly grain version of the wood? Is one warmer than the...
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    To be a fly on the wall.....

    I was watching the video below concerning Julian and Sean Lennon, the sons of John Lennon. I started thinking about what it is like to live in the shadow of someone so influential. There are just a few people who have gone into careers where their...
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    For my next uke I am considering getting one with a cutaway, but I'm a little unsure. There have been many times in my past that I got a hankering for a particular feature in something, but once I had it I never actually put it to use. I worry that this will be one of those features. I don't...
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    THIS is a girl for the Underground!

    I found this video posted on I wish we could get this girl to become a Seasonista.
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    Trouble reading tabs

    Anybody besides me have trouble reading tabs? I fully understand how they work and what the little numbers on the lines mean. But I really have problems making it work. I've always thought I was a little dyslexic when it comes to learning music from a page. I play a number of stringed...
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    Poaching Redwoods

    I found a disturbing story on CNN. Poachers are hacking huge chunks out of the giant redwoods. These burls can sell for thousands of dollars each. It leaves a nasty gouge that endangers the entire tree. I...