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    Baritone strings with most projection?

    Hello all, I'm taking my baritone into a folk music ensemble to essentially play the rhythm guitar role. The Living Water strings I have on it now are sweet and beautiful but are getting lost in the sound. Before I just go and slap Aquilas on there (with wound D/G strings), does anyone have...
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    Season 237: Ukul-80s!

    Hi Gang! I know most of you don't even know who I am, as I don't post very often, especially over the summer when I'm running a Shakespeare-in-the-Parks theater, but I've been hanging around since almost the beginning and playing at home every. single. week. I've noticed that, although...
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    Devo - Freedom of Choice

    The theme of the 105th Season of the Ukulele challenge was "Songs of Freedom". The passing of Bob Casale, the guitarist for Devo, inspired me to do this cover. The video itself it completely pants as it was a bit of an afterthought to putting down the tracks themselves so I could put it up on...
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    @#$@#$% it, string mistake again

    This photo I dug up of Garyg might explain a lot.
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    FS - Lanikai Spalted Mango Concert SM-C

    SOLD! Size: Concert Scale Length: 15.00″ Width at Nut: 35mm Top: Solid Spalted Mango Back/Sides: Solid Spalted Mango Fretboard: Rosewood Electronics: N/A # of Frets: 19 Machines: Gold Kluson Vintage Strings: clear fluorocarbon (Worth Clears or Martin - I can't remember which right now)...
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    Regluing braces - do I need a uke specialist/luthier to repair?

    Purchased a 1920's soprano uke (I think its a Criterion, probably manufactured by Oscar Schmidt) but one of the back braces had come out. I have the brace but it needs to be re-glued in. As the soundhole is so small, I imagine the top would need to be removed in order to properly glue/clamp...
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    High-tension strings for Soprano?

    It's often been remarked here that D tuning sounds better on certain sopranos. I've found that myself with my new Ohana SK-38. I absolutely love the sound of it in D but hate having to transpose everything that I play with others, and I suspect that constantly changing the tuning isn't good...
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    Just caught this on YouTube: I wonder why nobody's thought to put a USB port in the preamp before. Wonder how well it will work, and whether that will become the new normal. Here's another clip that shows some playback through an iPad.
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    FS: Koa Pili Koko Concert

    I have for offer a Koa Pili Koko concert, purchased in April 2012. I like it very much, but I recently acquired another concert from a UU member and to keep the wife happy, I'm now on a one-of-each-size basis. Body: Solid acacia Neck: Mahogany Fretboard and Bridge: Rosewood Nut and Saddle...